This article is a guild information page for Township Rebellion of Crushridge US.

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About the Guild Edit

  • The focus of Township Rebellion is PVE content progression. They do, however, have many active PVP players as well, both in the arena and battlegrounds.
  • The guild was founded on January 31st, 2005. The guild broke up around the time of the release of the AQ40 dungeon, and was reformed by its original guild master in November 2007. Since then, the guild has progressed rapidly through content and seeks to be one of the premier guilds not only on the server, but overall.
  • The guild received some national exposure when Seche, one of the guild officers, successfully tanked Sartharion in an OS3 10 man encounter using his voidwalker.

Contacts Edit

  • Guild Master: Perverted
  • Officer: Avalios
  • Officer: Titanonsatur
  • Officer: Seche
  • Officer: Ellite
  • Officer: Fuegoo

For further information about the guild or to apply, visit the TR website.

Progression Edit

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