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Tough Riders, Currently the best guild on Shattered Hand.

Know for great achievements as being able to get Lord Marrowgar, endgame boss of World of Warcraft, down to 95% health within 5 minutes. This is thanks to their awe inspiring 2.0kdps fire mage, Nyuu.

They have changed their name in order to keep their identities a secret. Just like super heroes!

About Edit

Tough Riders is a raiding guild led by the Human Deathknight, Baranetta, the Human Mage, Nyuu, and the Night Elf hunter, Internalwar.

They are known to be one of the greatest guilds ever. Not doing the lich king because they want others to try to become great like they are.

Due to cross-guild hate, Baranetta changed the guild name and all of her character's name. The reason of this is because people were getting mad due to Baranetta's 213590k dps and pulling bosses.

Current Raid StatusEdit

Tough Riders is currently 0/3 Beasts of Northrend. Got Gormok the Impaler to 50% on 3/13/10

Tough Riders is 1/3 in Ulduar. FL took about 50 tries.

Tough Riders is 3/16 for current Heroic Dungeons.

Tough Riders has beaten Molten Core and Zul'Gurub after months of attempts. This was accomplished on 1/14/10

Tough Riders has finally cleared all of the pre-bc Dungeons. They are currently stuck on Hellfire Ramparts though. They have cleared it up to Nazan and Vazruden in their 10man raid, wiping on the first trash pull for their 25man raid.

In Naxxramas, they are stuck on Grobbulous, having to glitch Patchwerk to get past him.

They have made it to Gunship. 5 seconds before they lost, a glitch happened and they won! They however wiped on Deathbringer due to not knowing how to kill the destructive blood beasts.


First guild to discover that there are only three bosses in Ulduar.

Found out that they don't need Johnd to beat Onyxia. Discovered by Nyuu. May be false.

Hunters do need mp5, str, and spell power.

Nyuu, being the only mage in the game that can pull more than 1.7k, has posted articles on how Arcane is for losers who don't want to have fun. This is starting to stick.

Passed "Frogger" in Naxxrammas after 13~ tries.

Best guild bank ever.

Able to damage hogger.

Able to have the most pointless alts in a guild.

List of Former Members who became better or worseEdit

Bobojr, one of the highest GS and one of the best Paladins on Shattered Hand currently. For alliance.

Faltz, Best Deathknight Ever on shattered hand alliance.

Snap, is thought to be the lover of Bobojr.

Saal or Rayvenclaw

Hairybear, known as "Cool Farly."

Adieous, used money from sponsorships to buy pills bottles to shake on vent.

Zeemurloc, has changed into an anti-social Faltz fanatic.

Adeledas, after constantly being told to die in a fire by Faltz he became scared. Due to this, he faction changed to a Blood Elf and is currently dead in Ironforge's Great Forge.

All other members that quit and went to Casualty.

Emilyjean, also known as Internal War, also known as "Cream Pie"

Sketchi, has became worse.

Big Farly would be on this list, but he has degraded greatly over the course of time.

Sipp was in the guild but was never recognized and never raided, and rarely played. He left to join the best server Haomarush.

Baranetta's article on how to beat Gormok the Impaler Edit

This is a very famous article that Baranetta had made in order for her guild to be able to down Gormok the Impaler.

"Wat wed o is stand in fier to hurt garmok and kill the monkeys."

== History of the Guild == In Progress

It is unknown when Tough Riders really formed but we do know that a past member, Faltz, has recorded data within school books. From what we have gathered, Tough Riders all started when Faltz brought his friend from an old guild, "Enter Name Here", into a Tough Riders guild run of Ulduar. This friend would be Bobojr. From the blowing winds came champions of the frozen wastes, those who dare stand up to direct creations of the gods who created the unvierse themselves. They invaded Ulduar in order to set everything right. The only known members of this were Johnd, Rayvenclaw, Baranetta, Faltz, and Bobojr. But these are the more important figures within this story. They fought hard, but ended on Freya due to time constrants. They were said to be blown out by the wind itself into the safe haven of Dalaran. Soon after, when Trial of the Crusader came out they started to due battle with they Mighty Beasts of Northrend. These creatures were gods. The mighty Gormok the Impaler stood before them, but he could not be defeated. They decided to attack Naxxramas to gear up less geared people. It didn't work at all. After a failed attempt at Gormok the Impaler, Sketchi and Faltz left. A few weeks, or months, after everyone left and the leader, Baranetta, got very upset. Everything is better for those who left.

Rules Edit

Tough Riders is very strict.

The 5 rules.

1. You may not pug.

2. You may not talk to Nyuu about her spec.

3. You may not tell Adel to go die in a fire.

4. You may not be mean to another guildmate.

5. The Most Important, You May Not Use All Caps In Guild Chat, this will get you demoted to Trouble for weeks.

Quotes Edit

"We can still do it without Johnd guys.' Nyuu. (Unconfirmed)