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Too Olde is an all adult guild on the Server:Blade's Edge US server. We currently have 170+ active members (350+ characters) and are expanding daily, with 70 members eligible for our Kara runs. Our guild is equally split between men and women, couples and singles, from all over the US and Canada. For more information on Too Olde please PST in game Agnushytit, Shellyshezie, Pooktastic or Chardonnay.

Overview Edit

Mission Statement Edit

  • If you're too olde to play WoW, you're just old enough to play with us
  • No one gets left behind, we progress together as a guild or not at all
  • The Guild helps those who help themselves
  • Balance casual play with End Game content progression, when in doubt - we're not playing casually; slow down and have fun

Guild Progress Edit

See Website

History Edit

Coming Soon

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

See Calendar

Guild Rules of Conduct Edit

See Website

Officers Edit

See Roster

Apply to Join Edit

Ventrilo use is mandatory to raid with Too Olde, as well as registry with the website so we can schedule in raids, manage DKP (not currently in use) and keep our roster current. We are an all adult guild (with very few exceptions) and enjoy questing and raiding. We currently field 3 groups for Karazhan, and enjoy running pre-BC raids, instances both pre-BC and Outlands, and Heroic Dungeons.

Guild Application

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