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Overview Edit

[IC]The Tirisfal Legion was founded by Dark Lord Ivnah and his Council over three years ago. We made an early name for ourselves when we claimed all lands north of Thandol Span as a Forsaken homeland. That claim has now evolved to take into account our Blood Elven allies in the north. The Legion exists to fight against the two main threats to the foundation of that homeland: the Alliance remnant in Southshore, Hillsbrad and Refuge Pointe; and the Scourge.

[OOC]The Legion is an old guild which used to be famed as the pre-eminent "evil" guild on Earthen Ring, though we were only evil from a specific point of view. Today, we mostly exist as a guild of friends who follow our original aims and idolise our founder and the Dark Lady. However, we are always eager for fresh blood (or rather ichor)! We meet every Tuesday night for a semi-IC instance run, and we have guild meetings or events now and again in addition. We have about 20 members (but had >100 at our peak).

Aims Edit

The Tirisfal Legion is a militia founded by Dark Lord Ivnah with the intention of founding and protecting a homeland for the Forsaken people. We have stayed strong to that aim, but times change. A new ally has joined us in the north and the Legion has to adjust appropriately. As such, our original three aims have been redrafted as follows:

One. To defend all lands north of Thandol Span as a homeland for the Forsaken and Blood Elven peoples. Our allies in the Horde are also welcome to settle in our lands and aid us in our fight. Peoples from the south, specifically the humans, dwarves and gnomes, are no longer welcome in our lands. These were their lands once, but when the plague came they became Forsaken and Blood Elven property and all interlopers will be eliminated.

Two. To fight the Scourge in all its forms. The Lich King and his vast forces are the greatest threat to both our homeland and to all of Azeroth and must be destroyed at all cost. Our peoples know the terror of the Lich King’s yoke and fury more bitterly and more intensely than other folk.

Three. Very occasionally, threats arise outside the Forsaken and Blood Elven realm which require the attention of the Legion. These will be dealt with as thoroughly as internal threats, but particularly with the use of speed and shock tactics. However, this element of our ethos has been recently strengthened to allow us to take our war to the Lich King in his northern stronghold.

Structure Edit

The Legion has always operated under a military command structure. Initially, it was commanded by Dark Lord Ivnah with the assistance of a Dark Council of four senior officers. However, the Council was disbanded by Dark Marshal Boreas due to no longer being necessary for the efficient running of martial rule. The Legion is now commanded by Dark Marshal Boreas with assistance from Dark Legates and other senior veteran officers. The Legion has recently accepted Blood Elves as full members and is currently restructuring for its assault on the Scourge in Northrend.