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General Guild InformationEdit

Horde 32Tirade

Name: Tirade
Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US
Faction: Horde
Type: Focused Raiding
Levels: 85
Guild Leader: Andinthe
Webmaster: Andinthe
Website: Homepage
Armory: Armory Link

Overview Edit

Tirade was formed on February 8th, 2011, as a formatting test for other guilds. Overtime however, Tirade was taken and reforged as a progression focused raiding guild. Tirade also dives into both guild and world RP.

Mission Statement: Tirade is a PVE guild hosting a more structured approach to raiding. We pride ourselves and constantly work towards keeping our roster filled with mature and focused players who also like to relax and have fun. Tirade is also a place for serious RPers who are interested in both raiding and RP. In Tirade we work hard to bring all types of players together to enjoy the content while understanding that there is to be a sense of maturity and a positive atmosphere. Though we take a more serious approach to raiding, Tirade's ultimate goal is to explore and enjoy new in game content.

Guild Progress Edit

Currently not raiding.

History Edit

Tirade was formed as a template for other raiding guilds by Andinthe, originally of Mal'ganis US server. Though Tirade was simply created to be an experimental format, it was later overhauled and revise and adjusted to serve as an active raiding guild, rather than just a template. Tirade at this time, is preparing to launch as a new raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel US server on the Horde side and bring new face to raiding on Steamwheedle.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Thursday, 9:00 PM Server - 11:30 PM Server
  • Friday, 9:00 PM Server - 12:00 AM Server
  • Saturday, 9:00 PM Server - 12:00 AM Server
  • Sunday, 9:00 PM Server - 11:30 AM Server

Guild Rules Edit

  • A detailed and organized guild outline and membership, raiding and etiquette policy can be found at: [Tirade's Webpage]

Recruitment Edit

Tirade is currently recruiting select classes and specs which can be viewed on the official website.

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