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Thunderhoof Clan (The Venture Co. US server) was founded in 2007 as an all-Tauren guild. Thunderhoof is active in all aspects of the game (RP/PVP/PVE) and representatives from the Clan can be spotted at any world event.

The Official Thunderhoof Clan Website


Founded in 2007 by a group of friends, Thunderhoof Clan has grown into a guild who has become known for its participation in world events, its uniqueness as an all-tauren guild, and its honorable conduct.


Forming of the DreadHorde 2009

Present at the forming of all incarnations of The DreadHorde, the members of Thunderhoof plays an active role in world RP/PVP the VeCo server is famous for. A summary of some of the more memorable battles can be read through this link.

Through the years The Herd has sponsored many events. Chieftain Grisov has held several "Azeroth 500" races in which players from both factions can bring their motorcycle mounts and race a 3 lap race at Mirage Raceway in Shimmering Flats.

Azeroth 500

With the flooding of the track after the Shattering, the event will be held at the new track in Azshara. The Herd also hosts many fishing, story-telling, and other RP-styled happenings.

Clan PVE is also led by the Chieftain. Twice-weekly raid nights have produced a steady set of raiders, usually focused on 10-man content. At least once a month the clan also sponsors a Classic Raid Night, in which older content is revisited. With a large pool of guildmates, finding another set of horns in a raid is usually not difficult.

PVP is probably the guild's strongest suit game-wise. The guild has titled Arena Masters, and sponsor several clan-wide arena teams, as well as individual teams formed by guildies. Rated battlegrounds are also going to be featured. Every member of Thunderhoof is expected to answer a call for defense of Mulgore whenever the Alliance comes calling. Mulgore is the Clan's home, and they do not take incursions into their hard-earned lands lightly. Thunderhoof members also enjoy a swift response from fellow tauren whenever they run across troublesome gankers. And, as previously mentioned, The Herd is active on the World PVP front.

Thunderhoof RP guild-wise would probably fall under the 'light' category, although there are several members who are IC (in-character) most of the time. The common view of Tauren RP within the guild is Tauren themselves are relatively well-adjusted creatures, and not prone to a lot of drama and intrigue. While some may find this less appealing or exciting, the laid-back nature of the Shu'Halo lifestyle fits the needs of the players well. All RP players within the Herd are free to pursue whatever style that suits them and all RP is deeply respected and supported. The guild enjoys close relationships with most RP-oriented guilds from both factions.


Thunderhoof Clan (also known by their nickname "The Herd") was first led by Padwanu Thunderhoof until his retirement in November of 2009. Grisov has held the position of Chieftain since that time, and is aided by the Council of Elders and the Clan Minister.

The rank of Elder is a closed rank, and is mostly made up of founding members who served as Master Crafters under the original form of government. The current Council of Elders is made up of Cuzono, Goremane, Irdan, Karuncha, Khortez, Kodiac, Margerie, Masharan, Nuvar, Nyimsava, Osteroth, Padwanu, Serka, Talux, Tcheth, and Zamoo (italicized names indicate player characters who have not been active for an extended period of time). Elders meet with the Chieftain and Minister to set Clan policy and the direction of the Herd.

The Clan Minister is responsible for much of the general Clan business. The responsibilities include managing guild assets, updating the guild forums, overseeing new initiates, and developing events. The current Thunderhoof Minister is Aovi Moonwatcher.

The rank of Champion is earned by one-on-one honorable combat during the Herd's monthly THUNDARENA! event. A champion from each class available to tauren is decided each month.


A recent THUNDARENA! event

Clansman is the rank held by the majority of members. It is a badge of honor and is awarded to members who have shown dedication to The Herd and served with distinction.

Initiate is a newly joining member of the Clan who is still walking "The Path", a series of requirements in order to prove a member's quality of character both to themselves and the Clansmen of Thunderhoof.

The Code of Honor

Every Tauren in Thunderhoof Clan lives and dies by this simple code, and it is the foundation of the guild's reputation on the Venture Co. server.

A link to the Code can be found here.


The Herd is an all-tauren guild and conducts itself under the ways of the tauren as put forth by official Blizzard lore, or as much of it as is out there.

The Long March Reenactment 2010

Where no official lore could be found, Thunderhoof has created many of its own Tauren tradtions and ways as well, such as the solstice ceremonies celebrated at the ends of Midsummer Fire Festival and The Feast of Winter Veil. Another is the annual reenactment of The Long March from WCIII, honoring the ones who made Mulgore and Thunder Bluff possible.

Kodo Patrol

Although not all Thunderhoof membership actively role plays, every member does participate in events, and respects the RP nature of the server. It is not unusual to find a gathering of Thunderhoofers relaxing by the pond in the main rise in Thunder Bluff.

The official ground mount of Thunderhoof is the kodo. During world PVP events Thunderhoof can also be seen riding huge mammoths, which is an imposing sight. An official flying mount has not yet been chosen.

The Clan also has a monthly blog called Shu'Halo Life which chronicles the adventures of The Herd through selected screenshots.


Thunderhoof rarely actively recruits players, and usually is under a freeze for new initiates. The guild was formed as a small unit, and has grown to almost 200 characters, a significant portion of those being unique accounts. The feel of being a part of a family where each member is valued is the focus of the guild so the recruitment process is a slow and deliberate one.

The Herd only considers Tauren candidates of level 20 or above. A more detailed list of expectations can be found at the official recruitment page.

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