This article is a guild information page for Thunderforce of Elune US.

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Thunderforce is an Alliance PvE guild on the Elune server.

Recruiting Edit

Thunderforce is recruiting all classes for Gruul's Lair and higher content, but especially looking for a feral Druid off tank, Warlock, Shadow Priest, and another dedicated healer..

Raiding Edit

Karazhan: Thunderforce Karazhan on farm status with its core raiders and is working on getting a second group running regularly. Thunderforce is in Gruul's Lair once a week due to the help of Sovereign.

Gruul on 21 growths Edit

On the first night Thunderforce went to Gruul's Lair with Sovereign they attempted to down Gruul and failed, surprisingly though the raid lasted through 21 growths, with a single rogue living to see the 22nd growth. This fight is a testament to the amazing healers and tanks in both guilds and has led to some small drama on the Elune forums.

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