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Three Score is a Llane server, Horde Raiding Guild which has been committed to raiding excellence in a mature and considerate atmosphere for over 3 years. We have been raiding continuously since day one and have extensive experience in original WoW content as well as having cleared all content in both BC and pre 3.1 WotLK - including 3 Drakes! We are currently looking to expand our tightly knit core of exceptional players as we work toward clearing Ulduar, start working on hard mode achievements, and eventually Algalon!

Mission Statement: Our mission at Three Score is to tirelessly pursue endgame content while building a guild in which every member is a productive part of a team of gamers that hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, both within and outside the guild.

Three Score Website: Llane Server - Guild Inception: 9/3/2005

Raid Schedule: Sun @ 7 PM & M - Th @ 7:30 PM and last for ~ 4 hours(all times EST)

Three Score was created with the merger of Army of Gauss and Vanished (formerly Soviet Honda). Three Score defeated Nefarian on October 1, 2006.