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The World Needs a Hero is a casual raiding and PvP guild on Server:Shadowsong US. The guild - which is made up of real-life friends, family and online friends - takes raiding seriously and is dedicated to end-game PvE progression as well as arenas, battlegrounds and World PvP. But the guild is "casual" in the sense that it conducts itself with a "real life always comes first" philosophy. Most guild members are adults, although there have been an occasional younger member or two, and the guild considers itself to be a "mature" guild, not necessarily as measured by age but by the way they play the game.

The guild is made up of more than 100 individual members on nearly 300 characters. PvE raids are run five nights per week, and PvP runs are done sporadically. Shadowsong players, or people from other servers, who wish to fill out an application should go to The guild also has a Facebook page [1]. More information about the guild can be found by contacting Reavin, Aldaeraan or Wowwoman in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Not yet complete.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

PvP schedule Edit

  • Guild PvP runs are not yet scheduled, but may be upcoming. Individual arena groups are independently scheduled by the group leaders.

Guild rules Edit

  • Raiding players who are members of 10 man raid teams are expected to attend most, if not all, of their team's scheduled raids. Players arriving late or not showing up for scheduled raids, without previously informing their raid leader, may be removed from their raid groups.
  • If a raid team member cannot make it to a raid, they are expected to notify their raid leader.
  • All raiding members are required to have the following add-ons, or an equivalent: Deadly Boss Mods, Recount, Omen. Specific classes may be required to have other raiding add-ons.
  • The guild uses an open-roll system for all loot. Raiders are limited to one main spec item per raid, and unlimited off-spec items.

Officers Edit

Reavin, Guildmaster 
Guild Leader; Raid Leader for ICC Group 1
Aldaeraan, Officer 
Raiding Officer; updates all guild web content
Wowwoman, Officer 
Membership Officer; updates all calendars and schedules
Variety, Officer 
Raid Leader for 25 man Raid Group
Jysa, Officer 
Raid Leader for ICC Group 2
Hemli, Officer 
Player Development Officer
Tealana, Officer 
Raid Leader for Friday Alts Run

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