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Westwind Tabard

Alliance 32 The Westwind BuccaneersEdit

The The Westwind Buccaneers are a medium-heavy roleplaying guild focused on open seas roleplay on the Wyrmrest Accord server. Though a relatively newer guild, it has quickly expanded and the Buccaneers have just recently launched the second vessel in their fleet. For more information on the guild you can visit their website here.

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 11.25.15 AM

The Westwind Fleet at sea.

About WestwindEdit

A specialty roleplaying guild, the Buccaneers base their stories around treasure hunting and privateering. The Buccaneers are a free card, and under the current command of Admiral Relnor, the Buccaneers try to keep a clean public face. Deep down, one can tell that they have a few secrets of their own. Formed after Admiral Gunndar Relnor supposedly escaped from a Kul Tiran prison, the Buccaneers are a refuge for those just looking to get away, or for those who just need a little coin. Starting off as a simple crew, ties have been formed and bonds have been strengthened, and now the Buccaneers are more of a family than just any old crew.

Sailing aboard their Flagship, The Pardon's Wing, the Buccaneers have taken to several exotic locations in search of ancient treasures while forming some of the most unusual of alliances. Now, as they prepare to launch the second ship in their fleet, The Albacore, the Buccaneers are getting ready to take on larger jobs and more risky hunts, all while trying to escape from their past.

The ShipsEdit

The Westwind Fleet is made up of three large vessels, respectively named The Pardon's Wing, The Albacore and The Second Chance. While only the first two ships are ready for sailing on the high seas, once the fleet has launched the third ship, the fleet will begin to do large scale voyages as opposed to small, single ship based adventures.

Vessel Captain First Mate Position in the Fleet Roster Holding
The Pardon's Wing IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall RogueAbility backstab Admiral Gunndar Relnor IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall DruidAbility druid catform Rykeral Flagship Full
The Albacore IconSmall Night Elf MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Captain Gwidavaa XXX Armed Transport Openly Recruiting

Westwind Map

Westwind locations.

The CrewEdit

While there is a unique, set crew for each of the three ships within the fleet, guild members are able to transfer between ships and crews upon IC/OOC request. The crewmen operate in 'shifts' aboard the ships, and are considered off-duty when offline or OOC. To this end, multiple personnel may be hired onto the same position, though the Buccaneers try to have all members online when they engage in roleplay.


The Westwind Buccaneers are rarely in one place for too long. Basing their roleplay and online time around week long voyages, the Buccaneers spend maybe a few days at each port at the most. On shore leave, the Buccaneers head into major cities such as Stormwind and Ironforge for recruitment and relaxation. Updates on where the Buccaneers are docked can be found on their website!

Westwind Guild Hall2

The exterior of the Westwind Guild Hall in the Hall of Explorers.

While ashore and away from the boats while they undergo repairs, the Westwind Buccaneers have taken to Ironforge as their official guild hall. Using a large building along the western wall of the Hall of Explorers, they have loaded their spare equipment in and have prepared it as a lounge space while not on the boats. With several mages in the crew, travel between the docked ships and the guild hall has been made quite simple.

Westwind Office

The exterior of the Westwind Office in The Mystic Ward of Ironforge.

While the Hall itself is in the Hall of Explorers, the guild office has been established in The Mystic Ward of Ironforge, nuzzled in the westernmost corner of that quarter of the city. Here, the officers and recruiters of the Westwind Fleet take to organizing and planning, as well as keeping the fleets records. Interested parties should stop by the office should they have any inquiries regarding The Westwind Buccaneers.

The Story So FarEdit

There is a great deal to tell about the Westwind Buccaneers and most of it can be heard through the voices of its crewmen through the Westwind's official website! The following is intended to be a brief, but detailed summary of the story so far.

The Founding of the FleetEdit

Founded by Admiral Relnor who had, to all common knowledge, simply wandered into Stormwind one fine day and settled down into the guild master's quarters and fashioned a charter which would later be approved by the city of Stormwind. Wasting little time, the Admiral set to recruiting and hiring on crewmen of all sorts onto the first ship in the fleet, The Pardon's Wing. Once settled, the crew launched their maiden voyage down to the southern port of Booty Bay, and then back to the city of Stormwind. The voyage had served its purpose, to buy a stock of rare and exotic goods to bring on the second voyage, which was scheduled to launch in just one weeks time of their return to the city.

Things did not go as planned upon returning to the city, however, and the Admiral was found to have been marked by assassins at the orders of an unknown client. Over the next week, it would be the crew, and the Admiral who would suffer at the ends of these assassins, and in the end, the Admiral would be taken as a prisoner and the crew left to go into hiding. At the time of the abduction, it had become known that the Admiral was in the possession of a rare, runic map that supposedly pointed the way to a Titan vault. The map became the point of bargaining with the assassins, but to no avail. With time running out, it was discovered that the Admiral had left words in secret, through notes and letters, to the crewmen that they were to continue onto the vault alone, but not all could settle for this.

Tower Holding 1

The Westwind Buccaneers and the Sable Sun Company on a voyage in Desolace.

Several of the crewmen, following several clues and leads, managed to track the Admiral to a prison where he was held, and returned him safely to the fleet. Things only worsened from here, as the assassins had come to their own crossroads, and had prepared to pardon the black mark. However, with the assault of the Westwind's crewmen on the prison, and the fight that ensued before the Admiral was rescued, the assassins had reinstated their black mark, but not on the Admiral. This time, they wanted the crew.

It came down to a dark night meeting between the assassins, the Admiral and the crewmen named Rykeral (who had further insulted the assassins at the prison) for one last deal. This time, everything was at stake. The deal was forged, and in exchange for permanently lifting the black mark, the crew of the Westwind Buccaneers would uncover the riddle that is said to lead the way to a legendary set of daggers; a set of daggers much desired by the assassins.

The First VoyageEdit

With the deal forged, and all the pieces hanging in the balance, the crew of the Westwind Fleet took to the seas, Admiral back in command, on their original course heading to the supposed location of the Titan vault. Along the journey, it was decided that a great effort would be spend in trying to uncover the riddle, and solve its strange, pearly question.

It was just because the official launch towards the Titan vault, however, that the Admiral made a slight and last minute change of plans. The Admiral sought out the well known and highly regarded Sable Sun Company and their expertise, and hired the crew on to aid the Buccaneers in reaching and unlocking the ancient Titan vault.

The voyage would be long, and after many days at sea, the combined forces of the Sable Sun Company and the Westwind Buccaneers claimed the a beachhead on the shores of Desolace from the gnarled, endless waves of Naga.

The expedition would launch deep into the heartlands of Desolace, and take refuge for the night under the canopy of trees, warded by the druids of the land. After a night of rest, the expedition continued on towards the vault and managed to breach its depths after fighting through hordes of both Centaur and even advanced scouting parties loyal to the Horde.

It would be discovered that the vault itself was little more than an ancient burial ground, and the map deemed to be misleading. When all seemed to be lost for the expedition, a rare find proved to be the ace in the hole. The skeletons of elves were to be found within the burial grounds, and through the research and clues found on their decaying persons, it was determined that the runic map was indeed elven in origin, and that the elves had used Centaur characters and runes to mislead treasure hunters and safeguard their findings.

Using the research and other finds to unlock the maps true directions, the expedition raced south once more, this time with their eyes on the southern jungles of Feralas.

Feralas 1

Westwind and Sable Sun Co. after leaving the Titan Vault.

After a night camping in the large expanse between the burial ground and the edge of the jungle, the Sable Sun and Westwind forces made it a point to each take separate roads and regroup at the supposed vault itself. And that they did. Gathering in the ruins of the elven city known as Isildien, the treasure hunters would find floating in the heart of the temple a large, titanic cube of rather strange proportions.

After a painful, daring struggle to unlock and open the cubic Titan vault, the crews were met with success. An untold fortune of gold and a rare Titan artifact were recovered from the vault, and the crews settled on a deal to split the loot. The gold would go to the Buccaneers, and the titan artifact would be handed over to the Sable Sun Company, providing that the Buccaneers' scholarly individuals also be allowed to examine the artifact from time to time. With a deal settled, the two forces parted ways and returned to their duties, with the Westwind Fleet returning to the Stormwind Harbor and the Sable Sun returning to their offices.

Mutiny & CurrentEdit

Led by the former first mate Rykeral, the a mutiny was led aboard the Pardon's Wing, ending in the death of the Admiral. With control ultimately usurped the mutineers prepared to set sail, but things did not go as planned. As command of the fleet quickly crumbled, leaving the fleet divided, the mutinous Admiral sought to return Gunndar to life to resume command.

After a grueling ritual, Gunndar was returned to life, though he did not return as he once was. Condemning Rykeral and the rest of the Mutineers to death, a hunt commenced, led by the Admiral to bring all those against him to justice. Those allied with the Westwind Fleet who unwittingly may have aided the mutineers were also cast down, isolating the Westwind Fleet. With its fate uncertain, the Fleet now stands idle. With few allies and the ships only at half capacity, the fleet remains in Stormwind.

Guild StructureEdit

IC RankingEdit


Westwind Crewmen!

The Westwind Bucccaneers features a unique approach to the 'Roleplaying Guild'. With mutiny as a possibility aboard ship, special ranks have been put into place to differentiate between OOC ranks and IC ranks. While the rank of Admiral, First Mate and Captain are all transferable, GMship of the guild is not. Below one can find the IC ranks that apply to crewmen and the officers of the ship. OOC ranks can be found further below.

Admiral - Officer Rank
Commander of the Westwind Fleet, this figure has control over all of the currently running ships of the Westwind Fleet and are able to command the fleet on voyages, that is, should their crewmen be willing to follow them.
Captain - Officer Rank
A step below the Admiral, Captains are in command of one and only ship, and serve as the right hand of the Admiral throughout the fleet. The Admiral is able to replace any captain, or any officer, should they wish to. Captains however, have full command of their ship, and are just as likely to incite a mutiny against the Admiral as any other rank should things not go as planned.

Westwind Fleet Basic Uniforms.

First Mate - Officer Rank
With one First Mate per ship, the figure is tasked with being the second hand to the Captain of their ship. They are left to handle petty issues aboard ship and helping to exert the command of the Captain and keep the crew members in line.
Sergeant of the Guard - Officer Rank
While technically below the First Mate in command, the Sergeant of the Guard has command over the Strong Arms of their respective ship, and are tasked with the security aboard ship, as well as leading expeditions on shore. They work alongside the officers of each ship in times of combat.
Quartermaster - Executive Crew Rank
A figure charged with keeping the stocks of the ship in order as well as tending to uniforms, weapon distribution and general upkeep of the ship.
Bosun - Executive Crew Rank
Placed in charge of repairs aboard ship.
Cannon master - Executive Crew Rank
Figure head responsible for organizing crewmen in the operation of shipboard cannons in times of combat.
Doctor - Executive Crew Rank
A figure with the duty of ensuring the well being of all crew members both on board the vessels of the fleet, as well as the expedition parties on shore.
Crew member - Basic Crew Rank
A standard crewmen aboard ship. May be asked to fill a number of duties aboard ship.
Strong Arm - Basic Crew Rank
A standard fighter aboard ship. They are tasked to defend the ship in the event of boarders, mutineers and are tasked with fighting on shore with the expedition parties.
  • Second Chance's Crew Uniform
  • The Pardon's Wing Crew Uniform
  • The Albacore Crew Uniform
  • Westwind Fleet Uniforms
  • A Westwind Recruiter
  • The Pardon's Wing
  • The Westwind Fleet
  • Admiral Gunndar Relnor
  • The Westwind Buccaneers with the Sable Sun Company on a voyage!
  • The Westwind Buccaneers and the Sable Sun Company on a voyage!
  • Westwind Guild Hall.

- Guild uniforms compiled by Sophronea of Wyrmrest Accord.

OOC RankingEdit

GM - Officer
OOC officer tasked with high level management of the guild. Oversees all major story lines and technical aspects of each voyage as well as player issues and guild relations. Also responsible for the maintenance of a website, Ventrilo server and other forms of social platforms. The GM is also charged with recruitment efforts for the guild, and working to resolve IC/OOC player issues.
Officer - Officer
OOC officer who works to assist the GM with all OOC issues. These officers also often take the form of IC officers in order to help shepherd along major story lines, and as well to work to resolve any IC/OOC player issues. They serve as the blending force for all areas of the guild. Officers also handle recruitment for the guild and general upkeep. Must be registered on the website.
Crewmen - Non Officer
A general roleplaying guild member who has been interviewed and officially hired onto the fleet. Must be registered on the website.
Conscript - Non Officer
A new guild member who has yet to be interviewed and officially hired onto the fleet. has not completed online registration yet.

Officers and Prominent MembersEdit

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 11.30.46 AM

Admiral Relnor aboard the Pardon's Wing while docked.

IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall RogueAbility backstab Gunndar Relnor, Admiral : Admiral of the Westwind Fleet (Guild leader)
IconSmall Night Elf MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Gwidavaa, Captain : Captain of the Albacore (Officer)
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Menador Silvers, Recruiter : Recruiter of the Westwind Fleet (Officer)
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall WarriorAbility warrior savageblow Brenado, Recruiter : Recruiter of the Westwind Fleet (Officer)
IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall DruidAbility druid catform Rykeral, First Mate : First Mate of the Pardon's Wing (Officer)
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall RogueAbility stealth Riqimos Montiar, Recruiter : Helmsmen of the Pardon's Wing (Officer)
IconSmall Worgen FemaleIconSmall MageSpell holy magicalsentry Sophronea, Officer : Quartermaster of the Pardon's Wing (Officer)
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall DeathknightSpell deathknight unholypresence Helrick, Sergeant : Sergeant of the Guard of the Pardon's Wing (Officer)


Late Night Recruitment

Late night fleet recruitment in Stormwind.

The Westwind Buccaneers will always have at least one recruiter in Stormwind at any given time, but are not always actively hiring onto their fleet. Hopeful applicants are able to check the recruitment status of the Buccaneers on their website or by contacting an officer or member OOCly. There is no application, but all applicants must be at least level 10 ( for guild summoning purposes ) and go through an IC interview.


Vault Door 1

The Westwind Buccaneers and the Sable Sun Company on a voyage in Desolace.

World RP Raid
The Buccaneers are known to launch large scale, server wide voyages to various locations around Azeroth in search of great treasures. This may include exploring large sections of world zones and engaging NPCs and other RPers around the world, as well as exploring and roleplaying in dungeons.
Tavern Time
The Buccaneers can often be found in the taverns of local ports, stirring up trouble or just having a good time. This is also a good place for recruitment.
Guild Dungeons
Though infrequent, the guild gears up OOCly in dungeons and raids to raise the guild level, hunt for RP gear and just kick back and relax.
Active Sailor Themed RP
We are "In-Character" most of the time when we are on, roleplaying about in various areas, but mostly on the ships.
Roleplaying Workshops
For the benefit of fleet roleplayers, and for them to have a chance to learn new techniques and styles of roleplaying, The Westwind Buccaneers often hold workshops that focus on various elements of story, character, setting, plot, combat techniques and other important features of roleplay.


The Westwind Buccaneers base their roleplay around various voyages around Azeroth in search of treasures, contracts and exploration. Each and every voyage begins as an idea tossed around by guild members until it is shaped and molded into a potential voyage with: something to gain, an outside force getting involved, and having something be at stake. There is also always the sight of treasure at the end, but it is well understood that not every voyage will yield a reward or treasure; in fact, that is what helps fuel the guild along. With mutiny as a possibility, there should be instigators to keep things fresh, to give people an opportunity to shake up the sand box. It falls to the Admiral and the Captains to make the right choices during the voyages, but not everyone will always agree.

During the voyages, tensions begin to run high ICly as the stakes get higher and other forces come into play, which gives the roleplay a daring twist that will always keep it fresh and entertaining.

Voyages may last anywhere from a few days to whole weeks at a time. While the Buccaneers are out on a voyage, recruitment to those ships on the voyage is either severely limited, or closed completely. Should the fleet dock for a night in any worldly port, recruitment may open up, so for those looking to join mid voyage, keep an eye out on the website for those listed announcements.




The Westwind Buccaneers launched with the intention of giving the leadership roles right to the members that make up its body. To that end, the guild is formatted in such a way that IC mutinies for control of the fleet, are quite possible, should a member have the ambition and charisma to lead such a successful uprising. In the event of a successful mutiny, the rank mutinied rank (Captain, Admiral etc.) is transferred to the player in charge, and they control of the story line within reason. This includes directing the fleet on new voyages, forming alliances, trading deals and in the end, working to hold the power that they claim.

OOC guild officers remain in control of IC/OOC player issues and will step in should matters get out of hand, though the power ultimately rests with the player body of the guild and who they choose to support. The Buccaneers take it that all IC events are 'set in stone' historical events, which will affect a characters standing with the IC officers of the fleet. Should a mutineer have their command ended, they are likely to be marooned or imprisoned within the brig, though it should be noted that The Westwind Buccaneers do not remove characters from the guild simply because they are imprisoned or marooned. Roleplay continues in various forms and fashions.

More information regarding mutiny aboard the Westwind Fleet can be found at their website.



Southseas Freebooters rival ship, Heedless.

What is a privateering fleet without a rival? The Westwind Buccaneers are always looking for ways to further expand and twist their roleplay to make it as memorable, enjoyable and original as possible. The guild is known to frequently work with outside guilds, roleplayers and groups to further enrich its roleplay, though just because the Buccaneers work with them, doesn't mean they aren't rivals. Rivals make voyages more epic, because sometimes having more than one group of roleplayers going after a treasure of ancient rarity, one can find more reasons to push themselves harder, if not to claim the loot, then to one up all the others.

Those interested in beginning a rivalry or alliance are advised to contact a guild officer out of character to discuss the general approach for clarity and organization! More information can be found on the Buccaneers website.

Reoccurring Villains, Rivals & FriendsEdit

While the Buccaneers like the involve new and wild stories, characters, items and locations, but they are also known to revisit previous content. Characters such as Ferrex Marks Mists-Logo-Small, an old rival of Admiral Gunndar Relnor, Marcelina Dagoth, and many others already have places in upcoming stories, and there is always room for more. For all potential friends, foes and rivals, please contact any of the Westwind officers through either the Buccaneer's website, or via an OOC message in game.

Future PlansEdit

While plans to add a third ship to the fleet are currently being put into motion, as the fleet size grows, there has been debate whether a fourth, and possibly five ship should be added. The original concept was to form a small, tight knit roleplaying guild based around open seas roleplay, but with the surprising success and popularity of the style, considering is being given to further additions.


While The Westwind Buccaneers will always remain primarily a specialty roleplaying guild, considering has been given to the possibility of a core raiding teaming. The Buccaneers already work in small five man groups to clear dungeons for RP sake as well as guild leveling, but no major progression or effort has been put into joint PVE activities.


While raiding is a distant prospect, a core ranked PVP team has been strongly considered. Further updates may be released through the Buccaneers official website.


The core component of the Buccaneers, major plans are already in motion, countless ideas and concepts going in through the grindhouse, being worked on all the time. Plans for the addition of the third vessel in the fleet will be accompanied with a server wide advent storyline, with the aim on defeating the shadows from ones past. While details are still vague, it is known that large plans are being put into motion.

Other small adjustments and plans are being made available through the Buccaneers official website, such as personal character progression storylines, legendary item storylines, voyage exploration and expedition as well as server wide, joint guild roleplay events.


User: Gunndarrelnor Admiral of the Westwind Fleet. Officer of The Westwind Buccaneers.

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