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The War Council is a community of skilled and dedicated players who wish to progress through the hardest content the game offers without the extreme time commitment of hardcore raiding. We do so by being hardcore at every aspect of the game except our raid schedule, and strive to maintain a competitive but friendly raiding environment.

For information about joining TWC, please check our website for current recruitment openings. We're always recruiting exceptional players who can play their class at a very high level, and share our semi-casual approach to progression. If you think you're up for it, show up with your parse and put in your application regardless of your class/role. Contact Zebrix in game or PM to Zebrimuri on our forums if you have any questions.

Guild progress Edit

  • Server Firsts on all heroic content.

Check WoWProgress for most up-to-date progression.

History Edit

TWC was originally founded in EQ over a decade ago, on the Veeshan server. The guild later moved to Saryn and enjoyed several years of success at raiding the very difficult PvE content of EQ. The WoW branch of TWC was founded on the US-Silver Hand server at the release of The Burning Crusade. As the entire guild transitioned to WoW, TWC steadily rose to once again become the dominant raid force on its server over the course of two expansions.

Since its move to Saryn server in EQ, TWC has been led by the same core group of officers, under the same "Hardcore progression on casual schedule" mentality. It is one of the most enduring gaming communities in existence, and while our main focus has always been WoW PvE, we continues to expand our player base in multiple fronts, with members enjoying eachother's company in games like DDO, RIFT and various Steam games.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

25-man Wednesday, Thursday and Monday - 7-10pm server time (PST).

Flasks, feasts and repairs are supplied by the guild bank during official raid nights.

Raider Requirements Edit

  • Do not stand in the fire.
  • Seriously. Do NOT stand in the fire!
  • Know your stuff.
  • Maintain a positive attitude while raiding, even when things go south - they frequently do when progressing.
  • Be ready to start raiding as soon as you join. Gear requirements are flexible depending on class/role and applicant quality, but you're expected to have the appropriate level of gear for the content we're attempting.
  • Have a reliable and stable connection. This is very important.
  • Maintain good attendance at all times. We're pretty understanding about the occasional RL conflict, but twice a week of raiding isn't too much to ask. Strive to be there, and post on the forums when you can't.
  • Good sense of humor and a thick skin are both mandatory! Our guild chat is raw and we crack jokes at eachother's expense. We offer constructive but sometimes harsh criticism. Take it in stride - it's not personal. You won't survive here if you get offended easily.

External Links Edit

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