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Guild information Edit

Named after the famous movie, The Usual Suspects is a Horde guild on the Vashj EU server. It is a small guild wich consists mostly out of people from The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. Their main goal is to crush any Alliance they come across. Expect no mercry. If it's red it's dead!

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by a group of close friends. The original TuS guild was created on Stormrage, a PvE server. After many many raids that guild disbanded to form new more succesfull guilds. Some Alliance players rerolled horde (Urunix, Maia, Bossmc) and started playing on Vashj. There they formed the new TuS together with Wurrzagg. Slowly they started to grow and began raiding Karazhan and other 70 instances.

Just before Wotl came, TuS almost disappeared. But now it's back and better then ever, making a fast leap forward to make themselves known!

Guild Purpose Edit

This guild was created for PvP, but now they do all sorts of stuff, depending on whats available.

Important Guild Members Edit

Kwakzalver, Pharix, Wurrzagg, Garrzagg, Postkrediet, Phrike, Pessimus, Bossmc, Lamagra, Semorax, Tsumi, Batsu, Elthanaria, Iyanden, Bloodsugar, Xpocalypse, Kleintje. And many more evil gankers.

Half the guild are a bunch of weed smoking Dutch guys.

Trading Edit

If you ever browsed the auction house on the Horde side then you must know Postkrediet. He specialises in trades and has nearly all kinds of items available or he can arrange them at cutting prices. Postkrediet is there not to just make profit, but to supply the Horde auction house with lots of trade goods, gear and craftable items that other people might need.

Guild rules Edit

  • Be nice to each other, but destroy the Alliance.
  • There is nothing that can't be discussed in this guild. People have the right to express themselves in any way. Freedom of expression is respected in this guild, just as it should be in real life.

Kwakzalver: "So what if you look like this or do that, as long as you don't hurt someone or something with it, be tolerant"!

  • All people from all countries are welcome, as long as they gank Alliance.
  • Don't be offended by lots of weed talk and the occasional bad language.

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