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Overview Edit

We are an Alliance PVE guild on Cenarius US for levels 55+ with focus on 20-40 player raids. We formed in February 2006 with player history going back to game launch. Our focus is on figuring out the strategies and building up to the challenge "ourselves".

What defines us as a guild?Edit

    • We use loot committee, not DKP.
    • We try to use all talent trees.
    • We sometimes make up our own strat.
    • Strong bank system
    • We look out for each other.
    • We respect members as people.
    • We're just a touch wacky. Late night "greenchat" can be a delightfully twisted place.

Guild ProgressEdit


This guild was originally formed by Courtana and a group of other players who wanted an endgame non-DKP raiding guild. There was rapid growth and a quick jump into ZG and MC. When AQ opened up, the guild's time was divided, working through the instances bit by bit. Many of the players shared an interest in leveling up together and learning the strategy that worked best for them. Soon MC and Onyxia were on farm status and the guild sought new adventures in world encounters and BWL. Just then, the Burning Crusade appeared on the horizon, and everything changed.

At one point it was decided to split the guild into two halves. And so The Usual Alibi was born. TUA is a safe haven for those leveling up to 55 on alts or new mains, away from the raid-based chatter of TUS, but linked by a common joint channel to share information and non-informative nonsense.

Guild OfficersEdit

  • Cellesta
  • Courtana
  • Dandrius
  • Harf
  • Elyana
  • Kehaka

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

Pre-BC we raided about 2-4 times per week, usually hitting MC, Onyxia, AQ20, and ZG at least once a week, and we were working on BWL.

With the coming of BC, the raid schedule is a work in progress.

Guild RulesEdit

  • We're serious about the game and we're serious about our goals, but never so much as we're serious about the guild.
  • Members must be able to trust each other. Dishonesty begets /gkick.
  • Members of TUS are expected to try to make 2 raids a week.

More info?Edit

For more information you can contact Courtana or Harf in game.

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