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The Thirteenth Legion is a casual PvE guild with a a lot of nice members and a 5 tab guild bank

This guild was formed on Nagrand EU.  It is dedicated towards keeping a friendly and casual guild atmosphere, we currently are recruiting players.  For more information you can contact Dragonsfear Guild Leader or Patatmet Senior Officer.

Guild progress Edit

We are currently progressing through BoT 10 and ToFW 10.

History Edit

The Thirteenth Legion was started by Dragonsfear and Patatmet in late summer 2007 and has been through many "ups and downs" since then. Now we are returning to our roots as a casual guild for everyone to enjoy.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

None at the moment.

Guild rules Edit

Fights Don't use guildchat to insult people, yell at people or shout abuse. Please sort it out yourself with the person you have a problem with. If the problem is really something serious you can contact one of the guild officers or leaders to help you out.

Guildbank use You get access to the guildbank if you are registered at the forum.

Need and Greed It is a common thing among people to choose need over greed. Most of the time other members choose greed because they know they all need the item. Before choosing Need, discuss it with your fellow party members. With chest it's nice to roll before you loot. (type /roll). The highest roller has the right to loot the chest. Valuable items in the chest will be rolled for with the rules of Need and Greed as well, though it may depend what you agreed on with your party.

Dungeon quests Before going into a dungeon it's a nice thing to share your quests with the rest.

Alts Alts are allowed. Please notify an officer when you have an alt for administration purpose. Please do not have too many alts for we prefer to have "active" players in the guild.

Respect Please be pay respect to the guild and it's members. Be polite and pay respect to people and they will return the favour to you.

Offline Every member offline for longer than 2 months without a good reason will have to be removed from the Legion. Getting back is of course no problem. Just whipser one of us who can invite and you are back in. Alts can also be removed after 1 month of inactivity.

Tabards If you are in our guild and you would like to wear the colors of the Legion. Just have a look in the guildbank for a tabard.

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason. Optionally, you can include their title and a short summary of their responsibilities.

Toshiru Guild Leader
Patatmet Senior Officer
Uruha Senior Officer
Dragonsfear Senior Officer
Kömamura Officer

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