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The Sun Hawks is a PvE guild, which may have further expansion into PvP and Rp as the guild grows and more members are recruited. It is very casual playing with not a lot of rules or restrictions. All players of all races, gender, and class are welcome. Multiple "Alts" are welcome as well. Our goal is to help each other and have fun.

Guild is not affiliated with the The Sunhawk Blood Elves.

Officers Edit

Elgagard, Leader

Weekly Schedule Edit

  • Wed 7pm Server time - Guild Fun Activities
  • Fri 7pm Server time - Current Progression Raiding
  • Sat 7pm Server time - Old World Achievements, Mounts, and Pet farming

Guild Rules Edit

Rule One- No Spamming in Guild chat We understand sometimes you need to repeat your self once or twice, but spamming lines after lines of "lol" or something silly like that will not be tolerated. Joke and have fun, but not at the cost of others fun.

Rule Two- Guild Charity If you can don't charge guild members for items. Be they equipment or materials, if you can, donate to members. Then when you need Gold, or mats, people are more inclined to help you as well. Donating items and gold to the guild bank will also be greatly appreciated.

Rule Three- Guild Assistance All members should try to help each other. Even something as simple as answering someone's question, or a hand in killing a boss, or a questing partner.

Rule Four- Activity If your going to be way for an extended period, please tell an officer. Don't just disappear for a month and expect to still be a Hawk when you come back. If you tell us before hand with a good reason (i.e. a family vacation or the like) your safe. If you have been removed because of inactivity and have a valid reason that prevented you from being online (computer trouble, family emergency, ext) we are more than happy to welcome you back.

Guild ConductEdit

Racism is not tolerated in the guild. Slightly racy jokes will be permitted, but we will not tolerate Gay bashing, color supremacy, or comments due to nationality. Joking, okay. Hate, not allowed. A warning will be issued for first offenses. Repeat offenses will result in being placed in the prison rank, which has no privileges, or if sever enough or repeated enough, termination from the guild.

Secondly sexual harassment will be dealt with accordingly. First offense violations are immediately placed in Prison rank, multiple violations at once, or over time will result in termination. This means whispers to a player with content that could be considered "cybering" or comments similar to that that the target replies to by asking you not to say it again. This guild and game are meant to be safe places to have fun and relax, not a place to be preyed upon.

Follow the T.o.S. (terms of service) lined out by Blizzard. This means no hacking, E-Bay buying/selling of accounts or gold, causing a detrimental effect on other players. We WILL be taking action on these, including reporting you and banning you from the guild.

Recruitment Edit

We are always looking for new members! Contact one of our officers in wow or on our web site for more information.

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