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<The Stormwind Crusaders> (TSWC) is an PVP only guild on the Anachronos server wich offers a place for both Harcore and semi Hardcore PvPers and is the Biggest and at the moment the only successful pvp guild on the Anachronos Realm.

the Goal of TSWC is to have as much fun together as possible,get the best PvP gameplay expierience as possible and to offer an Home to all the PvP Minded people on the anachronos realm and unite them under one guild banner.

At the Moment our main occupation exists out of creating and running Arena teams,battleground premades and scheduled World PvP events.

History (Non Lore) Edit

TSWC was originally created by VivaLaDen on the khadgar realm at 12 December 2005 and started as a casual raid guild,on 23 January 2007 Vivaladen and some officers deceided to Transfer to the new Anachronos Realm because the Khadgar Realm was kinda Overpopulated.

After Three years of Casual Raiding on the Anachronos realm VivaLaDen and the Officers Deceided to Respec from Casual Raid to a PvP Guild this happened on 23-01-2010,since then TSWC successfully absorbed all the smaller pvp guilds to unite all the PvPers on the Anachronos Realm under one Guild Banner wich gave us the monopoly in the PvP part of gameplay.

The Stormwind Crusaders and the Road to Cataclysm Edit

The guild's management is very focussed on the Upcoming Cataclysm expansion and all the changes and new stuff that comes along with the release of the expansion such as Guild Leveling/Talents,new content and not to forget the Rated battlegrounds.

At the Moment the Guilds Management have brought down the frequency of the full premades abit because its more rewarding to run five man teams in the random battlegrounds and filled that space that came free with world pvp events,the Creating and Running of Guild Arena teams (including training teams)and objective based combat in Wintergrasp.

When Cataclysm will be released and the Rated Battlegrounds go Live TSWC will turn up the frequency of the Premades and those premades along with Arena and World PvP will be the main focus then instead of Random Battlegrounds.

Weekly premade schedule Edit

  • Monday : [Call to Arms Premades/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events]
  • Tuesday : [Random BG/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events]
  • Wednesday: [Random BG/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events/Voa]
  • Thursday: [Random BG/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events/Voa]
  • Friday: [Call to Arms Premades/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events]
  • Saturday: [Call to Arms Premades/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events]
  • Sunday: [Call to Arms Premades/Arena/Wintergrasp/Calendar Events]

Officers Edit

Guildmaster: Vivaladen IconLarge Human MaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin Level 80

Co-Guildmaster: Blutjagdhund IconLarge Human MaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior Level 80

Co-Guildmaster: Yourboss IconLarge Human MaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin Level 80

Guild Officer: Vanessíe

Guild Officer: Lionéra

Guild Officer: Azurestar IconLarge Draenei FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes shaman Level 80

Notable Kills (Famous war Criminals) Edit

Notable Kills (Orc Chieftains) Edit

Oldschool Event : Southshore vs Tarren Mill (TBA) Edit

For the people who play World of Warcraft from Vanilla wow a Familiar event,in the old days before the Battlegrounds where released the Hillsbrad Foothills zone was well known as THE place for PvP action however times have changed and battlegrounds have been released and that changed the point of focus in the pvp area forever!

With cataclysm more revealed every day it became a fact that the Hillsbrad Foothills will be changed forever and that the fate of Southshore sealed and will get flushed away by Tidal waves..

On 11 June 2010 TSWC will Organize a Southshore vs Tarren Mill Event to once more Relive the Epic Battle between members of both the Alliance and Horde before cataclysm with Redesign the zone forever and Southshore vs Tarren mill battles will vanish and become a Cult Symbol..

The Event is Scheduled on Friday 11 June 2010 between 21.00 and 23.00 server time and the news has been spread on different sites(oficial Realm+battlegroup forum, and an Macro will be used in the Trade channels during the peek hours on both the Alliance and Horde side as addition too that all the Guildmasters of the bigger guilds on the Alliance side will be personally invited with the use of the ingame mail system..

Links with more info about the Event:

TSWC's main site Anachronos Realm Forum Battlegroup Forum Arenajunkies Forum

History (Lore) Edit

As with most Guilds the Story starts with their Creator "VivaLaDen" (Viv from now on). Viv started his Career as an Stormwind Guard slightly before the first war began.. after initial reports of Greenskins near Moonbrook,wich became later on known as Orcs)Viv's squad was appointed to investigate the matter and when they reached Goldshire it was already under attack!after a Fierce Battle the Sergeant gave Viv the task to report to the king that Moonbrook has Fallen..

the next day both Northshire and Goldshire where fallen and reports came in about Orcs closing in on Stormwind and everyone who could carry a weapon was recruited. After a long and brutal battle our great king was murdered,the walls where Breached and a green wave of orcs where flooding into the city killing everything that moved. Lord Anduin Lothar formed a rear guard to evacuate the young prince Varian wrynn and as much civilians as possible at the Stormwind Harbour and set sail to Southshore...

once landed in the Kingdom of Lordaeron Sir Anduin Lothar went to see King Terenas the 2nd and the Refugees where offered shelter and the Alliance was formed! Vivaladen was Decorated for Bravery and started his Paladin training together with Gavinrad the Dire..

after completing his training the grand army was already split up into two smaller armies one was under the command Turalyon and the main army under Sir Anduin Lothar who was the commander of the Alliance at that time the Paladin VivaLaden was given orders to report directly to Lieutenant-General Turalyon..

Turalyon's Battlegroup saw heavy fighting troughout the rest of the second war and he took over Command of the Alliance after the dead of our hero Sir Anduin Lothar,during that war Turalyon and VivaLaDen became friends and often shared Dinners and Campfire story's. after the horde was scattered and defeated VivaLaDen was Promoted to <Knight-Lieutenant> and he Volunteerd to join a group of volunteers wich called themselves the Sons of Lothar to chase the Orcs trough the portal and to seal it off from the other side and make sure that the Orcish horde woudnt return anymore..

Totally sealed off from Azeroth the Sons of Lothar kept besieging the orcs and builded keeps and bases all over Draenor,Vivaladen was Assigned as Advisor under the command of Commander Danath Trollbane,there Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner gave Birth to their first son named Arator the Redeemer once Turalyon and Alleria became missing,VivaLaDen took over the care of their son and trained him as a Paladin.

When the Burning crusade started and the link between Azeroth and Draenor was once more restored VivaLaDen once more returned to the City of Stormwind wich was even greater rebuild then its was in its original days before the Destruction,Viv reported to the now King Varian Wrynn and created his own order after hearing of the Disbanding of theKnights of the Silver Hand by the hands of Prince Arthas Menethil.

The Militairy order VivaLaDen Created was called <The Stormwind Crusaders> and Recruits came only from the best and most expierienced units like "the Sons of Lothar" and "the 7th Legion " at this moment there is a fragile peace treaty with the remainants of the old Horde but for an small Group of Elite soldiers the war already has began!they operate in total secrecy and are trained in al aspects of warfare,this soldier will form the very tip of the spear!they strike swiftly,silent and with no fear or remorse..they are called <The Stormwind Crusaders> and they are along with their commander VivaLaden active on every battlefield or conflict,always there where the line is the thinnest and the need the greatest..until there is no enemy left...

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