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The Squirrel SquadronEdit

Server: Thunderhorn Faction: Alliance

Guild CultureEdit

The Squirrel Squadron is a premier Alliance guild located on the World of Warcraft Thunderhorn server. We are primarily a high end raiding guild, though many of our members are also highly successful within the PVP ranks. The Squadron is made up from a wide variety of individuals with many different backgrounds balancing school, careers and family. We maintain a casual, friendly and enjoyable playing atmosphere with mature players that join together, helping each other develop.

Our focus within The Squadron is having the right people with the right attitudes. Through organization and skill, we will achieve our goals of constantly improving the guild and our individual members. The guild is successful when the members are successful. We are not about being the largest as quantity does not equal quality.

We raid 3-4 times per week during the evenings starting promptly at 7PM CST. We do not require minimum attendance from our members since we recognize the need to balance WoW with real life obligations of family, work and other commitments.

The guild does not discourage soloing or questing with non-guild members. Raiding with non-guilded friends is also acceptable provided you do not get saved on a non-guild run to an instance where the guild normally needs your main character.

We are currently seeking additional members of all classes who are well-geared as we are clearing ToC 25 and ready to move on to ICC 25.

Applicant RequirementsEdit

You must be 18 or older to join the Squirrel Squadron guild. We prefer that you have Teamspeak installed and in working order. To raid with us, you must have Deadly Boss Mods, OMEN, KTH Threatmeter and any other helpful mods for applicable classes installed.

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Date Formed Edit

June 2005.