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The Spirit Wolves is a tauren only roleplaying guild existing on Argent Dawn since May 25th 2008, striving to provide quality tauren roleplay on the european server.


Many years ago, the shaman Tatanka stood up against the will of the Earthmother and repelled her punishment upon the demi god Lo'gosh who fled the War of the Ancients out of cowardice, and thus let him run into the wilderness. The Earthmother, angered by the disrespectful tauren, brought down the skies, and rain and thunder surrounded Tatanka as she bid him this.

"For what malice you have done, I will forever curse you and your line, that you will ne'er find peace in the afterlife until you complete this mission I give you; destroy every last demon on Azeroth and slay the foul beast that Lo'gosh will become in time out of self pity." Saying that, she disappeared and Tatanka was left alone. If he was to ever make peace with the spirits again, he would have to complete the task that was given to him. And so, in honour of the great spirit wolf whom he called Waluu, he called upon tauren willing to fight for balance among the spirits of Azeroth, and for peace.

That was the day The Spirit Wolves first howled...

Guild rulesEdit

RESPECT Respect your fellow guildies and players. We will not tolerate offensive behaviour of any kind.

COOPERATION It is important in the Wolves to cooperate with other guild members. It's the key to building up our strong community spirit.

SHARING Spirit Wolf tauren share the materials and loot they find on their adventures with other guild members through the guild bank or otherwise

QUALITY Spirit Wolves strive to promote quality tauren roleplay.

COMMITMENT Our members are expected to commit their characters to the guild and log in at least once a month and roleplay, PvP or PvE with fellow guildies.Our members will either accept, decline or tentative calendar events and keep track of the new events that pop up

FORUMS Our forums are a great tool for communication. Spirit Wolves are required to check the forums at least once a week for news. Participating in forum discussion is welcome, albeit optional.


You can join the Spirit Wolves by contacting any of them in-game, either through mail or whisper and they will direct you further. It is advised that you check their profile at the Argent Archives, where the guild is profiled in detail, included with a memberlist (which isn't complete and up to date, however).

Argent Archives

Before you join, you can hang around their /tsw channel, where both guild members and friends of the guild can hang for a chat, on alts and so on. There is also our guild forum, where most of the guild's rules are landed, as well as discussions.



The Kodo Run 1

The Kodo Run 1