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Server: Mug'thol
Faction: Alliance

The Shipwrecked Pirates (TSP) is one of the premier WoW pvp guilds. In addtion to being known as a cohesive force, they are also known for their pirate flare. Many enemies are left in their wake, while their alliance friendlys get to experience their unique brand of humor and roleplay.

Their origins are on the Archimonde server where they endured the constant crashing at launch. Currently the guilds resides on the Mug'thol server where they are excelling in the battlegrounds. As the the Burning Crusade expansion nears, TSP is getting prepared to take the Arena by storm.

Their most infamous exploit came at the expense of a WoW GM as the pirates where engaged in battle over Grom'gul tower. Boing Boing covered this event.

You can expect to see a few of these pirate boyos in your battles with Mug'thol.

Warriors: Ferrex Muttaki Loth Kronc

Mages: Ablate

Priests: Maj Arnie

Hunters: Saleen Galexious Duwende

Druids: Infuri

Warlocks: Loxos

Paladins: Miach Shokar Whin

Rogues: Koltas Anom Rhayna

Shamans: Coming soon...

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