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This article is a guild information page for The Shadowlords of Turalyon Europe.

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Horde 32 The Shadowlords
[[File:SL tabard|200px|Image of The Shadowlords]]
Name The Shadowlords
Server Turalyon Europe
Levels All"All" is not a number.
Type PvE
Accounts 180 +
Website The Shadowlords The Shadowlords @ Turalyon

The Shadowlords are a large and old Horde guild on the Turalyon EU PvE realm. The Shadowlords are a social leveling and casual raiding guild. They strive to be a relaxed, family-oriented, drama-free and stress-free guild. Their first focus is to have have fun and build lasting relationships/friendships. Casual raiding means that The Shadolwords feel raiding is merely one aspect of the game. The guild is a democracy and the duties of running the guild are spread out between the officers and comasters of the guild.


The guild mostly focus on progressing in 10 man content but semipugs 25man content. Fun and progress are the main focusing on the guild runs. The Shadowlords don't have any demands and rules of a minimum raid-attendance so everyone is free to signup how much or how little they want and/or have time for.

Guild progress

For the guild current raid progress please visit our Website


The Shadowlords was founded 10th of Mars 2006 by Skankyhoteb. The guild was founded to let everyone have a fair chance to do stuff in the game and have a social atmosphere that the vanilla raiding guilds lacked. Some raiding guilds originated from The Shadowlords during TBC for exempel A Shaman Stole My Bike and Eternal Shadows. But during WOTLK The Shadowlords developed into their own casual raiding guild.

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