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This article is a guild information page for The Sentinels of Ravenholdt US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

Captain Windrunner

Aloraluna, Guild Leader of The Sentinels

The Sentinels: The Last of Lordaeron

Guild Hall: Sentinels Website
Recruitment: Guild Application
Email: thesentinelsguild[at]
Realm: Server:Ravenholdt US
Faction: Alliance
History: Official Lore Primer

It was a dark day when Lordaeron was betrayed by Arthas. The slaughter was a symphony of death and suffering, but there were survivors.

A handful of soldiers once in the service of Lordaeron managed to escape under the protection of the Dalaran wizards. That handful were what was left of the Tirisfal Battallion's 2nd company 'The Sentinels'.

The Sentinels swore an oath to defend Lordaeron with their lives on the day they took arms. That oath lived with those Sentinels who observed the treachery first hand. So here they are, rebuilding the once proud company. They are beholden to no Lord, united in a primary goal: To avenge and liberate Lordaeron.


The Sentinels is a World of Warcraft Alliance guild established on December 14th, 2006 on the Ravenholdt (RP-PVP) realm. We are first and foremost a moderate role-playing guild. While we do have an out-of-character (ooc) chat channel for casual conversation, this means that the vast majority of time speaking to one-another is done in the voice of the character being played. If you have no interest in role-playing then this is not the guild for you. For more on role-playing etiquette see our guide below. For more on our history see our Lore Primer.
  • Blizzard revoked the name "The Sentinels", but the first guild leader and founder, Boone, petitioned and won back the guild's name on Dec 24th, 2006.

Social Environment

"You are known by the company you keep."

Though we take our role-playing seriously, and encourage exploring interesting and sometimes odd character developments, and plot-lines about conflict (what's Warcraft without conflict?), all interaction on a personal level between members should be conducted out of respect, kindness, and good humor. We seek mature players who believe in honesty and integrity, and most of all those who simply wish to have fun.

You may not get along with everyone in the guild, but you are expected to be civil and treat all members as equals, regardless of rank or experience. Any serious point of contention between members should be brought to the attention of an officer (through a personal chat session), but the first solution should always be an attempt to honorably settle your differences amongst yourselves. We are all adults here, and are expected to act that way.

Our members must keep in mind that while out in the public, they are representing not just themselves, but the very name of The Sentinels. In lieu of this, we expect people to show a certain level of restraint when posting on forums, and when dealing with conflict from those outside the guild. The best option, when someone is being abrasive, is to put them on ignore, rather than fuel the cyclical drama of an argument. This holds true for members of the Horde faction as well. Even our enemies deserve some respect.

It should go without saying, but the Sentinels will not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and will welcome anyone among our ranks as long as we see good character and a level of maturity.


The Sentinels originated from within the military forces of Lordaeron, therefore our ranks are structured in military fashion. Since the fall of Lordaeron, our rank names have changed, but we keep a strong military structure. Below is each rank outlined from lowest to highest:

  • Boot: This is the recruitment rank for all new Sentinels, a trial period that lasts no more than 30 days. Boots are only allowed one Main character in the guild (no alts until Bannerman rank). Your main must be at least level 20 to be admitted as a boot.
  • Rampant: Full member of the guild, proudly carrying the flag of Lordaeron. This is the standard rank of all members.
  • Archivist: In charge of keeping the bank organized, clean, and bringing profit back into the funds.
  • Ranger: A raid-ready member. This rank is granted only at the level-cap, once the player is suitably geared for raid instances.
  • Hero: Extraordinary Ranger. The only "reward" promotion in the guild, given only to members that offer their best in all respects. No special privileges, just held in high regard.
  • Counsel: Fighting Officer. In charge of organizing and leading raids, arena teams, or pvp functions.
  • Lieutenant: Lore Officer. Primary purpose is to direct the guild lore, and promote roleplay as the guild's main endeavor. Responsibilities also include recruitment and resolving conflicts. Has nearly all privileges of the Captain, and act as her closest advisors.
  • Captain: A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood.

The black tabard.

Role Playing

We define ourselves as a moderate roleplay guild. Below are a few take-away points on roleplaying etiquette.

  • We request our members speak In Character in Guild chat, /say, and /yell. Our reputation is strong, and built by a commitment of our members over many months to upholding this tradition.
  • In private tells and party chat, RP is encouraged but not required.
  • We maintain an out-of-character channel. Ask an officer in-game if you do not know what it is.
  • Never attempt to control how another player chooses to RP their character.
  • Avoid the use of smilies: :) :p ^_^
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations: lol, rotfl, wtf
  • Don't forget about the /em command for actions and emotes when speaking to a character close to you.

Read our Lore Primer to learn about the Sentinels' lore.


The Sentinels are by no means a “Raiding Guild”. Raiding here will be done on a light-medium basis, and those that raid do not have any preferential status over those that concentrate on other in game pursuits.

The guild's Master Sergeant Rank are our raid officers. Our official heroic/raiding schedules are maintained by them, but never feel shy to create a raid event of your own if you are prepared to see it through. Please see Master Sergeants about rules, conduct, and roles if there are questions.

To join Theramore Compact's raiding schedules, sign up for The Sentinels in It is the easiest way to know when our allied guilds' raids are happening.

Remember that you are still expected to treat every member in your raid group with respect and to conduct yourself in a civil manner.


Like raiding, we are not a hardcore PvP guild. Most members of The Sentinels PvP in small, impromptu groups. However, members certainly may, and have, formed arena teams and organized battleground groups. Occasionally, as a guild, we coordinate World PvP events as well as PvP Initiation events in order to jump-start PvP among those who may have not experienced it yet. You may PvP as you wish, whether it be casual or hardcore.

As we respect each other, we want to be respected by the Ravenholdt community as well. This means, yes, we must respect the Horde to a degree too. The Sentinels are not a blood-thirsty bunch. We aren't that reckless. This means kill horde as you wish, but be fair. Don't do anything to them that would piss you off if done to you.

Ganking is interpretive to a degree, but if you're 70 killing a level 20, it only makes you look weak. Sentinels DO NOT corpse camp. This is the highest form of disrespect in the game, and reflects poorly on us all.



While many of us appreciate a relaxed environment of casual play, we do strive to keep an active guild roster. If you are going to be out for more than 15 days, please contact an officer, or notify us on the forums. After 15 days, if there was no prior notice, characters are removed from The Sentinels. This is considered an honorable discharge in most cases, and should these people wish to return, the door is open.

This attendance policy also applies to alts. Be sure to log into your Sentinel alts once every 15 days or they risk being removed from the guild.

Required Addons

None currently required.


Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. Any guild member caught exploiting game bugs will be immediately removed from the guild. If you suspect a guild member of any inappropriate actions please contact a guild officer regarding the issue.


The responsibilities of an officer may vary depending on the role they're appointed to serve. These responsibilities may include actively seeking recruitment, interviewing and admitting new recruits in the guild, organizing and following through with guild events, managing event schedules, keeping an eye on the guild bank activity, and solving conflict within the guild, among other things.

It is every officer's responsibility to be a highly active player, willing to devote time not only to their own play, but to greater duties for the betterment of the guild. Officers are expected to attend all guild meetings, and report to the Captain if real life conflicts emerge. Most of all, an officers duty is to contribute to the positive atmosphere of the guild, setting an example for the kind of players we all enjoy being around.

In the case that an officer does not live up to these responsibilities, they may be relieved of their position immediately, whether by a vote of the active officers or the Captain's executive decision.

Guild Lore

Guild Hall and Chat

Formerly based in Theramore Keep, the new guild hall has been appointed to us by Tirion Fordring, leader of the Argent Crusade, and it is Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight. The city lies under the shadow of Naxxramas, serving as the front against the scourge in Northrend, and is adjacent to Dawn's Reach, a base for the Argent Crusade.

All guild chat conversations are in-character, but are not confined to the guild hall. Since we are a dynamic and mobile company, Jaina Proudmoore has gifted us with the ability to comunicate over long distances through our enchanted hearthstones.

Lordaeron: Our True Allegiance

We are the last of Lordaeron. When the Scourge infected the towns around our capital, it was devistation. When Arthas, the prince himself, returned from Northrend to murder his father, and our king, it was betrayal. And when Arthas let the undead walk the streets of our kingdom and burn our homes to ash, it was doom. Now the kingdom of Lordaeron only survives in our memory, and the memory of those still loyal to Terenas that have joined us. Our few surviving founders—soldiers of the Tirisfal Battallion's second company—were guided to safety with the help of the Dalaran wizards. The company had been named "The Sentinels" prior to the death march of Arthas and that name was kept as a testament to the protection of the memory of Lordaeron.

Captain Aloraluna Windrunner

Captain Aloraluna Windrunner at the Great Seal of Lordaeron


  • We once honored Proudmoore's treaty with the Orcs, no matter the circumstance, in order to uphold peace between Theramore and Orgrimmar. However, since our departure from Theramore, this is no longer official policy.
  • The undead are the undead, Forsaken or Scourge, and all are to blame for the fall of Lordaeron. We see no difference between them, and will kill on sight until they are cleaned from the halls beneath our kingdom. (See the Undercity, which is below the ruins of Lordaeron's capital city)
  • We have strong alliances with the Night Elves especially (The Indelibles guild, for instance), since, under the guidance of Medivh the prophet, Proudmoore, Thrall of the orcs, and Malfurion of the night elves joined forces to defeat Archimonde in the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

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