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Captain Bitterlips

Dr. Virina B., Captain of The Sentinels
Pictured completely sober this time. No, really.

The Sentinels: Website and General Info Edit

Guild Hall: Sentinels Website
Recruitment: Application
Email: thesentinelsguild[At]
Realm: Server:Ravenholdt US
Faction: Alliance
Actively Recruiting: Yes (As of 3/1/13)
Voice Communication: Ventrilo
Loot Distribution: EPGP


Original teaser trailer - 2008
The Sentinels - Teaser01:33

The Sentinels - Teaser

It was a dark day when Lordaeron was betrayed by Arthas. The slaughter was a symphony of death and suffering, but there were survivors.

A handful of soldiers once in the service of Lordaeron managed to escape under the protection of the Dalaran wizards. That handful were what was left of the Tirisfal Battallion's 2nd company 'The Sentinels'.

The Sentinels swore an oath to defend Lordaeron with their lives on the day they took arms. That oath lived with those Sentinels who observed the treachery first hand. So here they are, rebuilding the once proud company. They are beholden to no Lord, united in a primary goal: To avenge and liberate Lordaeron.

The Sentinels is a World of Warcraft Alliance guild established December 24th, 2006 on the Ravenholdt (RP-PVP) realm. We are a friendly guild that enjoys socializing, roleplaying, raiding and PvP. Our members are not required to participate in roleplay but we all agree to honor the roleplaying etiquette outlined in this charter and the server rules. It is emphasized that if you dislike or are against roleplay, this is not the guild for you.

  • Blizzard revoked the name "The Sentinels", but the first guild leader and founder, Boone, petitioned and won back the guild's name on Dec 24th, 2006.
  • The Sentinels are not related or affiliated to the more commonly known Night Elven "Sentinels" of Darnassus.

Social EnvironmentEdit

The Sentinels are composed of many unique and often different-minded individuals, and though they may vary in their social approach, rules and expectations remain consistent. In regards to Roleplaying, some of us take our roleplaying seriously and encourage exploring interesting and sometimes odd character developments, as well as plotlines that may draw conflict between one-another, but all interaction on a personal level between members is conducted out of respect, kindness, and good humor. Wit-based (and often pun-based) teasing is commonplace among veteran members and is often accepted with grace and good humor. Above all, mature players are sought, and honesty, integrity, and the willingness to have fun are highly valued in this environment.


The Sentinels originated from within the military forces of Lordaeron, therefore our ranks are structured in military fashion. Though Ranger and Knight Errant are effectively equal in terms of permissions and power, in accordance with our military status, it is our aim that we defer to higher ranks for orders in World PvP, hence the higher placement of Knight Errants. Below is each rank outlined from lowest to highest:

  • Reserves: Rank for players who will be inactive for long periods of time, with prior notice. This rank has no access to guild resources.
  • Recruit: New members of the guild who are undergoing their trial. If all goes well and the member is a good fit for the guild, they will be promoted to Rampant.
  • Honor Guard: Rank reserved for player Alts. There is no limit to alts allowed per guild member, but keep it reasonable.
  • •Rampant: Full member of the guild, proudly carrying the flag of Lordaeron. This is the standard rank of all members. Player main must be at least level 20 to be admitted. Alts are allowed once the player's main has been in the guild for 30 days.
  • Ranger: A raid-ready member. This rank is granted only at the level-cap, once the player is suitably geared for raid instances per the guidelines stated for the current raid content. Since raid standards for new content changes with expansions, all Rangers may be placed back at Rampant rank when new raid standards are implemented.
  • •Knight Errant: The Horde fear your presence. Rank granted to those who are dedicated PvPers.
  • Warrant Officer: Rank reserved for the alts of Counsels, Lieutenants, and the Captain. Warrant Officers have extensive guild bank access and invite capabilities, among other officer powers.
  • Counsel: Officer. In charge of advising the Captain. May be responsible for organizing and leading RP, PvE, or PvP functions. Responsibilities also include recruitment and resolving conflicts.
  • •Lieutenant: High Officer. Primary purpose is to uphold the standard, spirit, and direction of the guild, maintain the roster in regards to proper ranks for members and alts, and act as a role model for other members. Has nearly all privileges of the Captain, and act as her closest advisors.
  • •Captain: A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood.


Counselman Sym, dressed fashionably
(for once) in the Sentinels guild tabard.

Role PlayingEdit

The Sentinels define themselves as a moderate roleplay guild. Below are a few take-away points on roleplaying etiquette that one may find relevant whether applying to the guild or not:

  • •Sentinels are expected to speak "in-character" (IC) in /say, and /yell. This is standard server rule as well. Our reputation is strong, and built by a commitment of our members over many months to upholding this tradition.
  • In private tells and party chat, RP is welcome but not required.
  • We maintain an out-of-character guild channel.
  • Never attempt to control how another player chooses to RP their character.
  • Avoid the use of smilies when speaking IC: :) :p ^_^
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations when speaking IC: lol, rotfl, wtf
  • Don't forget about the /e command for actions and emotes when speaking to a character close to you.


The Sentinels enjoy raiding at a fairly competitive level, yet have a friendly, positive attitude about the activity. They emphasize preparedness, organization and discipline, yet fun as well. It is not uncommon for a Sentinels raid group to several hours on grueling progression for half an evening and then take out farm bosses elsewhere for the remainder. Requirements for raiding are updated and increased for each tier of raid content. These requirements are reasonably stiff and there is a high expectation that raiders will be self-sufficient in their preparations, such that each carries their our own weight. That said, a team relies upon each other and helps each of its members, and the Sentinels will help when able. It is stated that the single most important thing you can bring to a Sentinels raid is a good attitude and a willingness to work as a team.

Those that raid do not have any preferential status over those that concentrate on other in game pursuits, particularly dedicated PvPers.

A system of rotation is used for raid invites, combined with a priority system that accounts for content-readiness level and raiders' personal schedules. Great effort is made to accommodate schedules, but as it is not always possible to meet the every need of every raider, compromise and a good attitude is urged.

The Sentinels vs Gara'jal06:25

The Sentinels vs Gara'jal


Similar to aforementioned raiding attitude, the Sentinels are not a hardcore PvP guild. Most members of The Sentinels PvP in small, impromptu groups. However, members frequently form arena teams and organized battleground groups. Occasionally, as a guild, World PvP events are coordinated with the help of the Council of the Resolute (Ravenholdt-A's Alliance of RP Guilds) as well as PvP Initiation events in order to jump-start PvP among those who may have not experienced it yet. PvP of any level is optional, though it is strongly encouraged that members assist other members in need when in their immediate presence.

Being a long-standing guild, the Sentinels are subject to much praise and respect, and seek to maintain that within the Ravenholdt community. This respect extends to the opposing faction as well, and rules against inappropriate actions against Horde corpses and excessive camping are in place. The Sentinels may be bloodthirsty at times, but are not savages. People with short tempers are lightly discouraged from taking part in PvP.


Required AddonsEdit

In the Sentinels, Ventrilo is required for both organized PvP and PvE activities, although not always called for. DBM is mandatory for any serious (non-World Boss) raiding members intend to partake in. EPGP is also recommended, although not required.

In organized PvP, one required addon in the Sentinels is HealersMustDie. There are additional addons that are strongly recommended on preference and situation.

For Roleplaying, the only addon recommended in the guild is TotalRP2, for people with particularly odd characters.


Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. Any guild member caught exploiting game bugs will be immediately removed from the guild. If any guild member is suspected of any inappropriate actions please contact an officer regarding the issue right away.

Social OrderEdit

Any serious point of contention between members is encouraged to be brought to the attention of an officer (through a personal chat session), but the first solution should always be an attempt to honorably settle your differences amongst yourselves like adults. That said, we seek out mature players without mature language. The guild is home to several active minors and parents with concerns for excessive swearing. The Sentinels maintain a PG guild chat with a PG-13 Raiding and RBG atmosphere, given the tense and stressful atmosphere.

Lastly, a certain level of restraint when posting on forums, in chat channels and when dealing with conflict from those outside the guild is expected. The Sentinels feel that the best option, when someone is being abrasive, is to put them on ignore, rather than fuel the cyclical drama of an argument. This holds true for members of the Horde faction as well. Even our enemies deserve to be treated with respect; it's what sets us above their kind.

Guild LoreEdit

Guild Hall and ChatEdit

Formerly based in Theramore Keep, and then in Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight, the current guild hall of the Sentinels is the garrison directly south of Stormwind City. This location has been chosen not only for its pleasant scenery and the capability to defend the Heart of Alliance territory at a moment's notice, but for the ease of access for members from all seasons and walks of life.

All conversations here are in-character, but are guild business is not necessarily confined to the guild hall. Since we are a dynamic and mobile company, we have been gift with the ability to comunicate over long distances through our inscribed hearthstones.

Lordaeron: Our True AllegianceEdit

We are the last of Lordaeron. When the Scourge infected the towns around our capital, it was devistation. When Arthas, the prince himself, returned from Northrend to murder his father, and our king, it was betrayal. And when Arthas let the undead walk the streets of our kingdom and burn our homes to ash, it was doom. Now the kingdom of Lordaeron only survives in our memory, and the memory of those still loyal to Terenas that have joined us. Our few surviving founders—soldiers of the Tirisfal Battallion's second company—were guided to safety with the help of the Dalaran wizards. From there, Captains Treyna and Boone adopted the name "The Sentinels" as a testament to the protection of the memory of Lordaeron, and created our guild in hopes to one day return to our kingdom intact.

Captain Aloraluna Windrunner

Former Captain Aloraluna Windrunner at the Great Seal of Lordaeron


  • We once honored Proudmoore's treaty with the Orcs, no matter the circumstance, in order to uphold peace between Theramore and Orgrimmar. However, since our departure from Theramore, this is no longer official policy. Since it's destruction, we are more aggressive than ever and encourage joining battle heartily.
  • The undead are the undead, Forsaken or Scourge, and all are to blame for the fall of Lordaeron. We see no difference between them, and will kill on sight until they are cleaned from the halls beneath our kingdom. (See the Undercity, which is below the ruins of Lordaeron's capital city)
  • We have strong alliances with the Night Elves especially (The Indelibles guild, for instance), since, under the guidance of Medivh the prophet, Proudmoore, Thrall of the orcs, and Malfurion of the night elves joined forces to defeat Archimonde in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Though former Captain Aloraluna has since departed, Captain Virina continues to honor the bond with the night elves, in homage to her predecessor.
  • In the months leading to her departure, Captain Aloraluna gave the Tuishi Pandaren her blessing in their allegiance to the King and the Alliance, and granted them permission to join the Sentinels. However, Captain Virina was not present for this event and still distrusts them greatly. In the interest of continuity, Virina upheld Aloraluna's decision, but is known to lose her temper quickly in the presence of pandaren who speak of peace and neutrality.

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