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The Scarlet March is a heavy role play guild in the realm Moon Guard and is role played as a religious organization dedicated to the eradication of the undead. They are a major adversary of the Scourge, and see little difference between the Forsaken and even the Death Knights of the Alliance.

General OverviewEdit

The Scarlet March is a branch of the Scarlet Crusade. The difference between the two is where the Crusade is simply concentrated on destroying all traces of the Undead and their Plague, the March is a little less narrow minded. The March not only dedicates itself to destroying all Undead but they are also attempting to rebuild the lives that were shattered by the Plague. Also the March wishes to try and preserve as much of their home's as they possibly can through means such as:

  • Attempting to repopulate old towns
  • Attempting to preserve many of the books found within places such as Stratholme
  • Etc.


The Scarlet March holds to the same basic structure that the Scarlet Crusade has always used. Run much like a military would be run, the March expects the best from all of its followers.


The following is a list of the ranking system that the Scarlet March uses and a small description of each rank's responsibility mind you these are in no direct order:

  • Scarlet Highlord
  • High Inquisitor
  • Scarlet Champion
  • High Arcanist
  • Scarlet Judge
  • Chaplain
  • Marksmen
  • Knight
  • Evoker
  • Initiate

Scarlet HighlordEdit

It's the Highlord's job to make sure that everyone does what needs to be done. He is the one who leads the entire March, and when it comes down to it he's the one that will make the final decision on anything done.

High InquisitorEdit

The High Inquisitor is in charge of the March's spiritual health. Most sermons and blessings come down from the Inquisitor. Also it's the Inquisitor who trains and commands the Chaplains.

Scarlet JudgeEdit

The Scarlet Judge is the strong arm of the March. In direct control of the military it's the Judge's job to distribute the Knights and Marksmen to where they need to be in order for our cities to be safe and to kill the undead more effectively.

High ArcanistEdit

The High Arcanist is the master of the Arcane. He bends magic to his will with a simple flick of his fingers and his knowledge is unparalleled. It's for that reason that the High Arcanist and his/hers Evokers are in charge of keeping the records of the March, restoring lost books, and creating new ways of destroying the Scourge.

Scarlet ChampionEdit

Only the most elite fighters and most devout patrons of the Holy Light can call themselves a Scarlet Champion. This small yet powerful group is the Highlord's handpicked guard and get their orders directly from him.


These devoted men and women have given everything for the Light they are the heart of the Scarlet March. When not on the field healing the soldiers and smiting down the Undead they are within the cities talking with the people. It's the Chaplain's who are responsible for bringing in more followers into the March, and they are the ones who will bless it with the strength and wisdom of the Holy Light.

Marksman & KnightEdit

These are the brave men and women who guard our gates and march against our enemies. They take their orders from the Scarlet Judge and destroy the Scourge with no mercy while protecting the innocents from the evil the Lich King has brought upon us.


Spellcasters of all sorts; whether they study fire, ice, or the arcane these men and women study under the High Arcanist in order to better themselves. They also go into battle with the army and help the High Arcanist with his studies.


The entry phase of the Scarlet March. This is the first step you take before deciding which path through the March you wish to take.

Race, Class, & Level RestrictionsEdit


Humans are always welcomed with open arms. Dwarves will find little trouble joining as well. Only Gnomes who show us that they truly believe in our cause and within the teachings of the light may join. Night Elves are welcome to stay for shelter but will be politely turned away if they inquire to join. Dreanei are the same as Night Elves. Although none can question the Dreanei faith their battle is with the Burning Legion, not the Scourge.


No Death Knights period. I don't care if you say you're alive or literally have the stench of the Scourge all over you and although any soldier of The March will hold his blade while in Varian's land...I can't say the same for outside of his borders.

Warlocks have to be EXTREMELY good at hiding their association with demons and be able to fool the High Arcanist that you're a mage.

No Night no Druids.

No no Shaman.

Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mage are all openly welcome.


There is no level restriction, however be aware that your level 1-10 alt will not clog space up in the guild.

If you're level 30+ then you're the perfect level because we can start getting the appropriate gear for you to roleplay in.

60+ is a fantastic level because you can help lower levels out with gear and it's a lot easier to get around with more higher leveled characters.