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The Resurgence is a raiding guild that is both friendly and open to all types of WoW players.

The Resurgence was formed on Garona. We are a 3 nights a week progressive raiding guild with currently 2 10man raid teams. To fill out a raiding application go to For more information you can contact Attabubble, Azandra, Lildazea or Luminose in game.

Guild progress Edit

  • Firelands - 6/7 normal - will have Ragnaros any day now.

History Edit

This Guild was Formed by 2 real life friends (Attaraxia & Codeminion) May 6th 2008. Attaraxia was a Raiding Hunter in the guild know as Valhalla on Garona which at the time was lead by Beastome and his Wife Rasknah. Codeminon was a healing druid that was transferring servers because his scheduled changed and was unable to raid with his guild anymore. Codeminon said he would run the guild since he had more experience in the raiding realm of the game and that Attaraxia would be second in command. Codeminion soon changed his main toon to Townbicycle a troll mage, and Attaraxia changed his raiding toon to a Troll Priest Nookah. This change helped The Resurgence bring down Karazhan. Soon after we lost our main tank and Townbicycle once again changed his main toon to Carstina a Blood Elf paladin which would be his main from then on. The Resurgence had a hard time recruiting for 25 man's and had to pug alot. Our true progression never got past Gruul's Lair when Wrath of The Lich King Launched.

When Wrath dropped it was a race to 80 for the raiding guilds. Unfortunatly for The Resurgence most of our raiders were parents & worked full time so it took us longer then other guilds to reach the maximum level as a whole. Carstina was unemployed when Wrath Dropped and the guild master got to level 80 when the rest of the guild was still only averaging around 75. This was a dissappointment to him as he wanted to push hard for progression and turn the guild into a top 5 Horde progression guild. Carstina soon stepped down as guildmaster and left the guild to Join a different guild on server called Purgatory. Carstina granted Inocence (Attaraxia's wife) the role of GM. When Attaraxia returned home from work his wife passed guild leadership to him.

Atta (For short) took the guild by the reigns with his wife Inocence as second in command and started recruiting and raiding. We defeated Naxxramas on 10 and 25 man. We got up to Yogg Saron in Ulduar and then went to The Trial of Champions and got to the final boss in there. We were progressing as a 25 man raiding guild but started to lose our more advanced players to higher end guilds that had more progression. Atta lost his raid leader to Zug Zug and others started to follow suit quickly. Even though we progressed in a 10 man raid team in ICC (Couldn't get past Professor P), This hit The Resurgence hard and led us to ultimatley Merge With Legacy of Sorrow, which was Run by Hallelujah. Atta was given an Officer position coming into the guild.

After much time running with Legacy of Sorrow and many ups and downs and the guild changing Names to Illuminati it broke and everyone started to go their seperate ways. Atta was in control on his own 10 man raiding team in Illuminati and we went Back to The Resurgence which was only standing as a Extra Bank for Atta at the time. We set it up with new ranks, and started getting new officers.

Currently The Resurgence is focusing on 10 man raiding with 1 main team and another team being built. we have cleared all content on normal modes up to Ragnaros in Firelands.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • When you join initially, you will be initiate status for approx a week. During said time you will not be joining in guild raids unless needed. This is to insure you are a good match with the guild, and to make sure you have adequate gear to participate in such activities like raiding.
  • If you leave once under good terms, you are allowed 1 return with a 1 week probation as initiate status, if you leave for whatever reason after that, you will no longer be welcomed into The Resurgence family.
  • NOTE: if you quit, all of your toons will also be booted.
  • Avoid drama, if it is unavoidable, you must bring the issue to an officer or our guild master's attention so the situation can be handled appropriately.
  • We are willing to help each person get gear from heroics on occasion but do not expect someone to jump because you want to go somewhere. Lets be honest, not everyone wants to run heroics, so if you for some reason can not get a group within the guild for heroics, start your own and offer for guildees to accompany you. The LFG systems makes this an easy task
  • We do not support rude or hurtful behavior, so if you have a mean streak please keep it, 1, out of guild, and 2, out of public chat in game.
  • When running your own groups aka PUGs please follow guild loot rules and do not think for one minute that its ok to take what you want and not be fair. (see Loot Rules for details)

Officers Edit

Guild Leader: Atta - Term Lasts (Until he steps down)

Treasury: Atta - Term lasts (Until he steps down)

Recruiting Officer: Lildazea - Term lasts till jan 1st 2012

Raid Leader/s: Atta & ? - Term lasts till jan 1st 2012

Web Management: Luminose - Term lasts till Jan 1st 2012

Event Organizer: Azandra - Term lasts till jan 1st 2012

Internal Affairs: All Officers - No term assigned

PVP Organizer: Open - Term lasts till jan 1st 2012

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