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The Promise is a casual raiding guild of the Moonglade RP Server. There is a relaxed atmosphere, where players can raid, level and socialize together. Since June 2009 they have grown a lot, going from predominately leveling members to being a casual raiding and social guild in addition to continually accepting levelers no matter their creed or class. They have downed various bosses in a wide selection of raids and plan to continue doing so.

This guild was formed on Moonglade EU. It is dedicated towards Raiding end game content weekly but having fun while enjoying the features of the game, participating in everything from PvE, Leveling, Raiding, Social events and PvP. To fill out an application go to our website. For more information you can contact Xenetha, Shalesia or Alizareth in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Pandoro and Namineii in June 2009. In the beginning it was a leveling guild recruiting only members around the same level as Pandoro and Namineii but had intentions to start raiding once everyone had reached maximum level. In the beginning there wasn't really focused recruitment and the guild steadily added more players as they went. Once acquiring a substantial amount of players more promotions happened and the ranks became a little more serious in the guild along with the recruitment of members. It was forming into a guild which, at the time, only had distant dreams of raiding end content but it had the potential to go far, forming good relationships and long lasting team cooperation.

Steadily members began to reach level 80 and their first full 10 man raid in Naxxramas happened in September 2009. It was a massive success and as the weeks went by Naxxramas went on farm, completing the Raid in 4 hours or less. This was a good time for the guild as it acquired more members through word of mouth and the need for some fill in spots. With a firmer 10 man group forming they dipped their toes into other raids such as Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity. Steadily they began to try more challenging content moving through Ulduar and Onyxia's Lair with some tragic Wipes but some triumphant wins over bosses. This was when the guild became more serious about raiding and decided to recruit members on raiding abilities along with casual aspects.

When the Trial of the Crusader content came out this was another good time for the Promise. It experienced a full clear on it's first time in the raid and had the raid on Farm in the following weeks. Although there were a couple of hiccups following the success with lack of signs and trouble with trying to fill places where a few members had left but come Icecrown Citadel there was a steady group again and they would try taking down the first boss after completing Trial of the Crusader. There was some apprehension about not being ready but after a few weeks of trying they got down Lord Marrowgar and the flare was sparked. With this new found hope they worked through the encounters and to date (31/05/2010) have downed 11/12 bosses in Icecrown Citadel.

With Cataclysm expansion launching, The Promise had many of its members move on to other guilds or stop playing altogether. With Xenetha as the new Guild Master, The Promise had been working a long time to get a team back together. Today, we can proudly say, we are up to the current content again. We had some delay in starting in Firelands, yet we cleared it entirely before the release of patch 4.3. We have a solid raiding team who raid 2 evenings a week and progress in Dragon Soul.

Weekly Schedule Edit

  • Sunday, 8:15 PM Server - Dragon Soul Progression
  • Tuesday, 8:15 PM Server - Dragon Soul Progression

Guild rules Edit

To see the rules please visit the guild rules post on our forums.

Council Edit

Alizareth, Shalesia

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