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Guild Charter Edit

The Outcasts is a Horde guild on the Shandris server who's primary goal is to have fun, make friends, and to develop teamwork. We know that sounds cliché if not ambiguous, but with adherence to a few simple rules, the above can be attained. In the process of that goal, we will be taking aim at end game content. This includes all dungeons and the new PvP arenas.

Overview Edit

The guild of The Outcasts was created due to a lack of what we had been looking for in our former guilds, and with a goal of creating an atmosphere of friendship and teamwork. Many people will go through various guilds, sometimes finding qualities they are looking for, but seeing areas where their guild could improve. We encourage member input for our development.

The Outcasts' founders have a vision that we are looking to fulfill. Raids and instance runs that are scheduled and start on time, run smoothly and at a good pace. Where the members are valued for their contribution as individuals within the guild. Guild members are not just computer generated graphics, but are people with busy lives, loved ones, and other interests.

The easy thing to do would have been to find an established raiding guild that fits as many of the criteria that we were looking for, and to be satisfied with that. We don't believe that's good enough. This is a game that millions play for fun. Time away from stresses of work, home and regular daily life. A place to unwind, see old friends and to make new friends.

Many guilds are created, disbanded, or abandoned every day. Members come and members go for many different reasons. Some don't like the pressure and criticism found in some of the hardcore guilds. Some are looking to be more than a face in a crowd, tired of being ignored or needed to simply fill a raid slot. The Outcasts is a chance for dedicated individuals who have a goal of raiding endgame and arena teaming and who haven't found what they have been looking for. This is a chance for all to build a guild from the ground up... to shape its future.

We are looking for individuals of great moral character, intelligence and compassion. People who are willing to dedicate themselves to helping to build and shape a place for those of us who have not been able to find something that fits our vision. Where a person's value isn't linked to the amount of unbuffed Fire Resistance they have, or how well geared they are. We will work with our members to help equip them for endgame content. While may raiding guilds will not accept someone who is not already well equipped, we believe that everyone needs to start somewhere. The Outcasts is a guild where we are building a future, and it's members are the key.

Guild Amenities Edit

Here we can see a list of some of the amenities available to the members of The Outcasts.


The Outcast's Web Page

Guild Site Edit

We start off with the most useful item in the life of an Outcast. Our web site is well designed and easy to navigate, and does not suffer from one of the major downfalls of a good number of guild sites out there: Lack of Content.

Forums Edit

This is how The Outcasts communicate day to day business outside of the game. Utilizing the forums allows guild members to share thoughts, insight and events with other members without having to be online at the same time as them. In The Outcasts, participation in forum usage is truly important.

Guild Roster Edit

This shows an active list of all players within the guild along with more detailed information about said players. All information used ont he guild roster page is collected by the Guild Master Thugor using Guild Profiler and the Players using Character Profiler.

Event Calendar Edit

Using this in conjunction with the forums creates an advanced event tracking system thats easy to use and has the ability to give concise information to players very quickly. There are three ways to view information about events. The homepage on the Guild Site shows upcoming events. Theres a link on every page directly to the calendar. And lastly, all events are also posted on the forums with a detailed description about it along with who's going and who wants to go.

Miscellaneous Edit

Other items of use on the guild page are: Dynamic information abotu who's on our Ventrilo server. News about upcoming events or interesting stories. Recent impressive item drops for guildies. A list of new members. Information on who is keyed for what. The list is actually too large to post here.

Ventrilo Edit

Another useful form of communication within The Outcasts is our Ventrilo server. The server is broken down into channels corresponding to different instances and battlegrounds for easy sorting of players.

Guild Bank Edit

As of the release of Patch 2.3.0 Guild Banks were introduced into the game. Currently, The Outcast's guild bank contains 3 tabs.


The Outcast's Tabard

Tabard Edit

It seems to go without saying, but The Outcasts do have a tabard, and an image of it can be seen tot he right.

Guild Progress Edit

While taking into consideration the size of The Outcasts (hovering around 85 members at the moment) and the Casual play style, The Outcasts are Currently Raiding Karazhan. At this time, Karazhan has not been cleared, but with each run we get closer to our goal.

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