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This article is a guild information page for The Murder of Crows of Scarlet Crusade US.

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The Murder of Crows is a PvP & RP thriving Horde guild on the US Server Scarlet Crusade. The Murder of Crows was formed by Fireydusk and later taken over by Master Jannik (Guild History can be found on his article) on Thursday, January 19th, 2006.

Purpose of Guild

MOC Argent Dawn

Argent Dawn

In-Character: To serve as an extension of Master Jannik's patriotic will as he both leads & serves The Forsaken Cause. Currently, this means that The Murder's primary focus is: To unite all available Horde patriots under the organized & powerful banner of The Murder of Crows with the purpose of destroying our common enemies: The Burning Legion, The Scourge, The Scarlet Crusade, & The Alliance, in that order of priority.
Out-of-character: To build & maintain an organized guild of friendly & mature (behavioral maturity; age is irrelevant) people that love to role-play in a positive & drama-free atmosphere.


The Murder of Crows always welcomes friendly, helpful people that behave in a mature manner, love to role-play, and don't cause drama. We do require that the character is level 10 or higher. With the intention of keeping undesirables out of The Murder of Crows, a basic interview system has been established.

Contacts (Guild Leadership)

Master Jannik Vessrad (Guild Master)

DreadCrow Jastara Zhaen Vessrad (2nd in command)

High Executor Improbus of The Murder of Crows (3rd in command)

DreadGuard Seltonis Vlatko Whistryn (4th in command)

DeathStalker Krianla Aylenia Shadowstorm (4th in command)

Executor Apakaga Warcrow (5th in command)

Executor Delvalah of The Murder of Crows (5th in command)

Executor Stama Oaknight (5th in command)

For a list of all members of The Murder of Crows, please visit:

Guild Website

Official Guild Website:

You can also find us on Warcrafter:

Guild Guidelines

Guild Chat is RP-required, In-Character always. We have an OOC channel for regular chatter. In-guild rank is used as a character name prefix when communicating with fellow Guild Members in an in-character manner. Blizzard's rules are in effect at all times, & are enforced. Beyond that, common sense.
For a full listing of guild rules (, please visit:

Horde MOC

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