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The Murder of Crows is a PvP & RP Horde guild on the US Server Scarlet Crusade. The Murder of Crows was formed by Jannik on Thursday, January 19th, 2006. He assigned guild leadership to his sister Jastara to better serve patriotic responsibilities.

Players to Contact for More Information:

/Who Crows while logged In the Game and message us!

A Link To Our Guild Website:

We Have Unlocked The Following Guild Perks:

We Love To Run Battlegrounds and Random Dungeons! We Role-Play When We Have Time!

Our Guild Purpose Is To Love Living Life, And To Work Together To Help Develop Our Social Friends And Family Role-Playing Guild.

Recruitment: Whisper Any Online Guild Member to Request an Invitation to Join the Guild!

A Brief Summary Of Guild Guidelines: Mean People Suck! Live Love Be Believe!

Brief Guild History: We are a small group of mostly real-life friends that love to celebrate life together whenever possible. Just talk to us to find out what you want to know!

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