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Guild InfoEdit

The Midnight Order is arguably one of the oldest guilds (behind only Shadows and Dust and Warlords of Tirisfal) on the Draenor realm. Although only semi-active today, TMO once strived to maintain a healthy balance of raiding and casual play.

Rank StructureEdit

  • WayWalker - Probationary Guild Member - The Waywalker has begun to follow The Path, but is still unfamiliar with the turnings of The Way.
  • WayStrider - Full Guild Member - The Waystrider has followed The Path a considerable distance, and is familiar with the intracacies of The Way.
  • Council of Ur - Guild Advisors - The Council of Ur devotes time to helping those of parallel paths discover whom they truly are in their journey through The Way.
  • WayMaster - Guild Officer/Former Guild Leader - The WayMaster is devoted to helping others discover The Way and maintain a balance within the Order.
  • The Path - Guild Master - The Path and The Way are forever intertwined, without one the other would cease to be.

Guild HistoryEdit

WoW Icon 16x16 The World of Warcraft - Pre-Expansion Days

The Midnight Order was founded by Apep and several other ex-members of the guild formerly known as The Red Army. The guild was founded under the precedence of friendship, loyalty, and collaboration. The guild was comprised of several real life groups of friends that came together under one name. Arguably considered the "Golden Age" of TMO, all of the members thrived in a highly collaborative environment dedicated to helping each other with the long road to level 60. Once TMO had a solid level 50-60 population it was not uncommon for TMO to raid (yes, raid. lawl) old-world dungeons such as Scholomance, Stratholme, and Blackrock Spire. With end-game raiding a distance second desire for the vast majority of the members, TMO enjoyed a very relaxed and casual atmosphere.

As time progressed many members began to gain a strong desire to raid end-game content. However due to the size and play style of the guild had a very difficult time getting 40-man raids off the ground. Instead they focused on 20-man content such as Zul'Gurub and the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Durning this time Arka gained control of TMO while Apep was away at school, and slightly changed the focus of the guild from being full-casual, to providing a mix of a casual and raiding experience. Arka lead the guild through numerous raid encounters despite heavy attrition, "Purple Fever", and semi-successful guild co-op's. The most notable mention of Arka's rule was his desire to prove that a strict formula (class, group layout - within reason) was not necessary to participate in end-game content. Unfortunately members impatience lead to the eventual attrition of many of the more dedicated raiders of the guild.

Bc icon The Burning Crusade Era

The Burning Crusade brought many sweeping changes to the game which caused unrest in many WoW guilds. While the members were focused on leveling their character(s), once at 70 many were in a hurry to begin the new race for BC end-game content. Durning this time Algol assumed leadership of The Midnight Order with the growing busy schedule of Arka. While determined to show that being serious about raiding didn't mean it was necessary to forego their casual roots, with a strong team of officers, lead TMO through their very first multi-boss raid dungeon clear and farm (Karazhan) as well as a guild co-op clear of Gruul's Lair.

While making solid progress through Zul'Aman, Algol and a RL group of friends in TMO decided it was time for a change and fulfill a long time desire to play on a PvP realm (pre PvE->PvP transfers). Wishing The Midnight Order the best of luck, they departed for Demon Soul. After their departure several other members decided to explore their options. The most notable of which was a close group of members transfered to Llane and became very successful end-game raiders clearing Hyjal and Black Temple, brining an end to the TMO raiding days.

Horde 15 Post-Exodus - Where are they now?

After the fallout of the Demon Soul rerolls and the Llane transfers, many TMO members found their place raiding 25-man content with Infliction. After some success with Infliction, a handful of members remaining in TMO decided to return to a full-casual play style in guild while others decided to try their hand at PvP on Demon Soul. The Midnight Order now survives as a gaming community (website), spanning two WoW servers (TMO:Draenor, TMO:Demon Soul - aka TMO:DR & TMO:DS) and have branched into other online games.

Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Goat Sucker

Once settled in on Demon Soul many of the old The Midnight Order members either transfered, re-rolled, or created alternate characters on Demon Soul to rejoin with the original TMO:DS re-rolls. They have now reformed under the guild name <Chupacabra>, where their main focus is to master all 10-man Wrath content.

PvE ProgressionEdit

Despite the casual atmosphere towards the end of the World of Warcraft and throughout the Burning Crusade, TMO maintained an apatite for PvE progression. Before the heart of the TMO raiding crew transfered off Draenor, the following was accomplished:

Bc icon The Burning Crusade Progression

WoW Icon 16x16 The World of Warcraft Progression

  • All non-raid dungeons Cleared & on Farm.
  • Zul'Gurub - All Aspects of Hakkar Cleared & on Farm. Hakkar left standing.
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Cleared - Guild Co-Op
  • Molten Core - Up to Majordomo Executus - Guild Co-Op
  • Onyxia - Cleared

Notable TMO MomentsEdit

  • Orgasmatron's Great Hunt | Thokka's Screenshot Contest | Jobu's Challenge

The Midnight Order had a knack for throwing together guild events ranging from world-wide scavenger hunts, trivia, and screenshot contests.

  • Pools of Vision - The Viator Affair

Much to the surprise to the members of The Midnight Order, a screenshot appeared on the Draenor realm forums of Viator and then significant other in the Pools of Vision having a "special" RP moment in say chat. The post has since been deleted and the screenshot lost, but the event lives on in our hearts as one of the funniest moments in TMO/Draenor history.

  • I've got company...

Our favorite "Leeeeeroy!" moment. Algol, being the noob he is, brought a mob train from the Zul'Farrak instance front door to the Gahz'rilla pool wiping the entire group (screenshot). One of those "you had to be there moments" it remained a very fond memory for the group involved.

  • Haruna v3.0

Like the neighborhood bike...

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