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History Edit

Hellscream Server Edit

The Kabal has been on Hellscream since launch and ours was the first tabard for any Horde guild on the server.

The Kabal was formed on 11.23.2004 around 10 am (Server time), by a group of real life friends with ties to many different online organizations. Hellscream was selected due to it being a Central time server. This choice was made based upon the belief that Eastern servers would be higher in population. The name Hellscream stood out and would be easy to point individuals to and people rolled characters on the server with the intention of creating the guild.

A few weeks after release, many members wanted to try the PvP aspect of WoW (battlegrounds were not released yet). They decided to split the guild in two, and try establishing a sister guild on the Dethecus server.

As members eventually reached level 60, The Kabal decided to take their first steps in raiding, teaming up with two other guilds to take on Molten Core. After several weeks, this alliance took down Lucifron and Magmadar; and later was able to one shot Gehennas and Garr. While gearing up individuals, this alliance began to lose members due to vacations, lack of interest, etc. and eventually the leaders canceled the raids.

Several months later, a new alliance was formed with ATS and Pax. With members of all three guilds working together, they managed to bring down all the remaining bosses of MC and declared it on farm status. While beginning to learn the Blackwing Lair encounters, a breakup of Pax ended the raids... While there was an attempt to keep them going, it wasn't enough and the alliance was broken.

Once Burning Crusade was released, The Kabal worked on establishing an early presence in raiding, attempting Karazhan once people became keyed. While the first few attempts were not promising, perseverance won out and farm status was declared shortly after.

Yet another alliance was formed to tackle 25 man content, this time with the guild Carpe Noctem. This alliance defeated Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, and The Void Reaver. Shortly later, this alliance also fell apart. The Kabal, always looking for a challenge, decided to work on Zul'Aman in house and put it on farm.

On March 22nd of 2008, The Kabal moved from using a phpBB forums setup to a Guild Launchhosted site.

With the new site, Footsteps has taken over site admin duties and works to make the site better each and every day. The Kabal's website was selected as a Featured Guild through Guild Launch for the 4.9 feature release period.

Dethecus Server Edit

<Kabal> was on Dethecus.

Former leaders got fed up on the state of progression and decided to join high end raiding guilds. This ended up in failure.

The last guild leader was Notshocked. He and other members of <Kabal> that transferred to Hellscream and joined The Kabal.

The members of <Kabal> who transferred to Hellscream eventually left to join DoH as The Kabal wasn't able to field 25 man raids at the time.

Leadership Edit

Guild Master

Senior Officers


Raiding Edit

Progression Edit

10 man

25 man

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Full clears of Naxxramas on Wednesday and Friday.

Thursdays are 25 man Obsidian Sanctum and 25 man Plague and Spider wings.

Recruitment Edit


The Kabal, Horde Hellscream US, is currently recruiting in preparation for 3.1 and the Ulduar raid dungeon.

We are looking for members who are group oriented, friendly, and will listen to advice.

We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild who likes to help each other out.

Our primary focus is running the 10 man versions of the raid instances.

We've defeated every 10 man boss up to and including Malygos!!! Heroic Plague Wing, Heroic Spider Wing, and Heroic Sartharion have also been killed in guild... with a few more raiders, further 25 man content could be attempted.

Be the invite that puts us over the top~!

If this sounds like the guild for you, please feel free to visit

Once there, go through our Guild Handbook, read our policies, and then if we still seem like a group of folks you would like to down bosses and spend time with... throw us an application!

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