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Server: Gilneas US

Faction: Alliance


The Jade Fist is a welcoming all-level all-class guild created with the vision of providing all of our members with the support, assistance and companionship they desire to enhance their game play. We are proud of the pleasant, courteous, and helpful community we have fostered. We began as a small group of players seeking others with a similar goal. The universal appeal of our concept has enabled us to grow into one of the top guilds on the Gilneas server.


The Jade Fist focuses on quality, not quantity, of members. We therefore recruit on an informal basis with the principle that those who fit our philosophy will find us eventually. Should a member wish to join, grouping with a member is the fastest route. Any of the guild members should be able to put an officer in touch with you, though it may not be immediately, but another guild member's experience would weigh heavily for or against membership.


Guild leader

Guild rulesEdit

A guild is about having a community of players that you enjoy playing with and trust. We are considerate of all others, not just our guild members, but especially our guild members. Each member plays a role in the guild. Respect is given to all members and no member should be taken advantage of by another member. Guild members should attempt to assist other members when it is feasible, but will never be expected to assist

Please remember that you carry the "Jade Fist" tag above your character and therefore you represent this guild and its members. It is expected that you act with honor and integrity when you are playing with others in this realm. If you have a problem with another player, bring your complaint to one of the officers and we will handle it as best as we can.

  1. Looting items that should rightfully go to another player will not be tolerated. It is understood that people make mistakes, but care needs to be taken to ensure that this does not happen. The officers of this guild will take appropriate action against those that violate this rule.
  2. Power Leveling is not condoned within this guild. Power Leveling is an attempt to gain experience or finish quests through the assistance of a higher level player. Members are encouraged to quest and level in appropriate areas. Members of the guild will not ask higher level characters for assistance in areas that are out of their level range. Higher level members may offer, but will not be solicited for help by members that are 8 or more levels lower.
  3. There is to be absolutely no drama in guild chat. If you have an argument or a disagreement with another guild member, please do it in private or message one of the guild officers to mediate so that you do not involve other members in your disagreements.
  4. There will be no selling of items in guild chat. There is a trade channel in the larger cities in the realm for that activity. There are also various Auction Houses to sell items. Anything that is listed in guild chat is for the benefit of the guild and to be given freely to any member that needs it on the Need basis.
  5. On raids we use a V/N system. If you are in a group with other players, please honor that system. Items should be rolled on by class and by need. If there are disagreements over particular items that can be used by a variety of classes, the decision is that of the raid leader. This V/N system is a common and excepted practice by most players on this server. If there is no class there that needs or can use the specific item, then members of that raid can greed roll for that item or disenchant the item. Our end game looting system is a loot totem, used in the lvl 60 instances and is explained in depth on the guild web site.
  6. We have two guild banks, Jadefist and Mats. It is not expected that you donate items to the bank, but as a community of generous players it is helpful to have all our resources in an accessible place. All donations need to be made to the guild bank. Please refrain from sending items or contributions to the guild officers. Unwanted items or items that do not sell in the AH can be donated to the guild bank. These items will be held there for guild members who need an upgrade.
  7. There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO BEGGING in guild chat. If you ask someone to borrow, expect to pay it back unless it is given freely. And if no one offers after you ask, that needs to be the end of it. There is an added element to the game when you accomplish tasks on your own. Achieving a level or obtaining special items because of the assistance you receive from others can take away from the game play.
  8. We have a MANDATORY SIGN-UP policy for our raids. The sign up is provided on the web site and will be adhered to. Those that sign up have priority for a place in that scheduled raid. If you are late and/or unprepared, you will be replaced by a member that is in queue for that raid. A late or unprepared member of a raid will also be subject to decreased priority in looting. Be accountable and communicate to raid leaders if there is a problem.

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