This article is a guild information page for The Irregulars of Bronzebeard Europe.

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Overview Edit

Established in Feb '06 following the collapse of another Alliance guild known as Knights of Infinity, Irregulars are a medium sized guild at approx 90 members, over 60 of which are level 60. While they raid, they adopt a laid back approach to the game and their attitude can probably be described as "People before Purple" as they attach a high importance to the well-being of their members. The members largely grew up together, so the guild population tends to be close to one another.

Currently they are up to Ragnaros in MC and are getting ready to head into BWL. Of note, they fully cleared both 20 man instances (ZG & AQ) before finishing Molten Core.

The Irregulars name comes from the fact they "like to do things a bit different".

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