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Horde 32 The Inner CircleEdit

The Inner Circle is a Dutch raiding guild, founded in January 2007. It was split up from Exomna as Exomna was too huge to enjoy the The Burning Crusade raiding.

The Inner Circle plays on the Trollbane server on the horde side.

Guild History Edit

As many guilds, The Inner Circle was founded not long before the Burning Crusade. As the raiding content changed from 40-men to 25-men and initially 10-men, the officers decided to clean up. Exomna consisted of 110 people of which only 50 or so remained. Some members decided to move to create another guild Underworld Dreams before the split up, and after the split up, another guild The Remains was created. Only The Remains are still active on Trollbane and are also a Dutch speaking guild.

In January a poll was held to determine the name. Since the purpose of the new guild was to continue in the old ways but with more focus + skill, The Inner Circle was a good a name and was chosen.

Currently The Inner Circle is raiding Karazhan and have slayed all bosses up to Nightbane.

Guild purposes Edit

- Raiding, in a skillfull environment.

- Conquer as many content in a limited time. (We raid from 20:00 till 23:00, 4 days a week).

- Provide a fun and stable environment to raid in.

External links Edit

The Inner Circle main page

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