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More than five years ago a unique Alliance guild was formed on Arathor - (EU). From the beginning the guild has been built on the idea of community, although this ‘social’ focus has not kept the guild from making progress in the World of Warcraft.

Even though The Imperium is a social guild, this didn't keep its members from raiding/PvPing and doing so very successfully.

In short: We are The Imperium, a social guild that values highly the importance of friendship and always works as a team to get the job done, whether it’s raids, instances, PvP or Hogger.

- We can provide a solid home where everybody will be glad you log on, whether it is for raiding, questing, levelling, instances or even just for a chat, no matter what level, class or spec you are.

- We have a nice guild bank, which is kept stocked up by our members, for our members.

- We raid three evenings a week (Sunday's Wednesday's and Thursday's)current progress 4/7

- Our raids are conducted with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

- Heroic and normal instance groups are usually formed every night.

- Pvp groups formed most nights

- Rated Battleground Team

- Potential Arena partners, await you

- Guild perks currently sitting at lvl 25

- Need some help with a group quest? You won’t be afraid to ask in guild chat. We've got our own website, Ventrilo server and sometimes our raids even get broadcast live over the net.

We're currently looking for more members because, in our eyes, the old saying ‘the more, the merrier’ still applies and we're also adding to our team of "core" raiders and PvPers

Core Raiding Needs are as follows;

Healers Required (now raiding three nights a week, Sunday,Wednesday & Thursday)

Core PvP Needs are as follows; (Gear not necessary but welcomed)

PvP healers needed for Rated Battlegrounds. All classes welcome for Arenas.

So if you are interested - whether or not you want to raid, quest, chat or pvp - contact one of us in game or look us up on our website have a look around and fill in our application form. See you there!

Smashtastic, officer of The Imperium


Recruitment Poster

== Schedule == calendar.

Raids Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Rated Battlegrounds Tuesday nights are RBG nights, additional nights to follow.

Guild Rules Edit

We barely have any guildrules, we just expect you to bring a good mood, respect other members and hold back any inappropriate language.

Recruitement Edit

We're accepting all levels, races, classes and specs as long as you bring a good mood and want to have a good time online. Go to for an application form.

Raids Edit

Current Progress at 4/7 in the Firelands.

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