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The Illuminåti is a casual PvE guild which enjoys a strong core of skilled players who seek to take on

the challenges of raiding. The guild was formed over 2 years ago and weathered such places as Zul'Gurub

and Ahn'Qiraj. Following a lull, the guild got back into shape right as The Burning Crusade was

released. Currently they seek out new and more difficult challenges.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Gilneas. It is dedicated to having fun, beating bosses, and collecting cartoon

loot. For information about joining, please talk to Anomalus, Icio, Faena, Shialar, or Alcyon in-game.

Guild Progress Edit

See "Illuminåti, The": Server:Gilneas US/BC Progress

History Edit

Beginning far back in the reaches of time, over two years have passed since the formation of the guild by its founder Highwaychile. Beginning as a small but stable leveling guild, it began with guild runs of

Scarlet Monastary. Through the levels, they progressed together until reaching the level cap when the

game changed. With focus and determination the guild began tackling obstacles such as Blackrock Depths

and Upper Blackrock Spire. When those fell to the might of the guild they allied with another group of

like-minded players known as The Knights Templar. This alliance prioved fruitful for within weeks

Zul'Gurub lay in ruins and challenges were made to the ruler Ossirian the Unscarred of [[The Ruins of

Ahn'Qiraji]]. The Knights Templar grew with the successes, however, The Illuminåti simply maintained it's

strong core of players. Eventually each went its separate way. With the release of The Burning Crusade,

there was renewed vigor as many new challenges were met with force. Soon, the players of The Illuminåti were

banging down the walls of Karazhan. After gutting the place in a mere two months, they now seek new

fortune in the newly found lands of Zul'Aman.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a Casual Guild, attendance to guild events is encouraged, but never required.
  • The guild supports its members, and its members support it. All members are expected to do what they can to

help out.

  • Loot Whoring is something nobody likes, it is frowned upon and in some cases grounds for gkick
  • This is a guild of adults, language, discussion topics, etc. may be adult in nature. Just be aware of this

before you get offended that someone makes a joke about your momma in bed.

Officers Edit

Anomalus, Guildmaster 
Guild leader.
Alcyon, Officer 
That warrior guy.
Icio, Officer 
That warlock guy.
Kitria, Officer 
That paladin guy.
Shialar, Officer 
That hunter guy.
Manacannon, Officer 
That mage guy.
Schatenjager, Officer 
That priest guy.
Kylay, Officer 
That priest gal.
Jhunter, Officer 
That hurry up and get 70 already guy.
Holgar, Officer 
That other paladin guy.