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This guild was formed on your server. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application goto link. For more information you can contact GuildLeader, GuildOfficer1, GuildOfficer2 in game.

Guild progress Edit

All Kills Pre 3.0 Patch

History Edit

While HHG has been around a long time some members are new, of course a lot of the members have known each other for a long time. Below are encouraged forums to read.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Due to 3.0 has been put on hold until regular guild runs are available. (eta Dec15)

Guild rules Edit

- We are a "Soft Core" raiding guild that like to enjoy our time while online. This time might be spent helping out other guild mates or doing a 10/25 man raid. We even like to goof around with the occasional MC/BWL/AQ runs. While we enjoy having a diverse group of members there are some rules that apply. We acknowledge that raiding takes a certain amount of commitment, dedication, and planning so we tend to take the three raiding days more seriously while in the raid mode.(hence the soft core) There is a lot more to HHG than can be explained on Wiki.

- Our guild bank is available and highly encouraged/used for resource sharing.

Officers Edit

These are the ones responsible for the day to day upper management of the guild.

Daneyn, Guild Leader - Website management, Lead Tank.
Natraps, Officer - Lead Rogue.

Currently the class leads are...

Elrey - Hunters
Totemsavant - Shaman
Ylllidria, Malick - Priests
Vacant - Warlock
Vacant - Warriors (Daneyn)
Donovan - Magi
Vacant - Rogues (Natraps)
Vacant - Druids
Tirist - Paladins

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