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The Highland Guard is a casual raiding guild with a core of serious, competent players. We are currently picking away at hard modes for Ulduar while farming the 10-man gear. We enjoy raiding with people who play the game for fun, but we also have the most fun while winning.

This guild was formed on Darrowmere. We are recruiting mature, intelligent players (experience preferred) for the following classes: priest, warlock, druid, deathknight, hunter and rogue. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Fishtanks, Mahah or Voltroz in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Fishtanks and a group of friends on 30/12/2007. They had left their prior guild due to various problems, including politics. Growth came to the guild in slow spurts, as the core raiders took on extra people to round out a 25 man raid, and compatible raiders were found. After a series of acquisitions prior to the release of 3.1 the guild boasted a cohesive 10-man group. This group began Ulduar the very day it came out and managed to progress through the difficult first few weeks of its release.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a raiding guild and as such every person is expected to be able to come to at least 1 run a week.
    • If you are unable to make it for a week or more you must notify an officer.
  • If we can't do raids because of attendance, those members with the lowest attendance will be removed from the guild and we will find replacements.
  • All members are required to have all reagents and expendables like potions, as well as fully repaired gear prior to a raid.
  • We use a loot council for loot which, based on attendance and contributions will overrule the rolls.

Officers Edit

Fishtanks, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Smells salty and usually has a beer handy.
Mahah, Officer 
Huge dps and doubles as healing. Doesn't do much administrative work.
Verlayne, Officer 
Healing officer capable of compensating for crazy damage on the tank with robotically timed heals.
Voltroz, Officer 
Tanking officer, webmaster and scrutineer.

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