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Overview Edit

The Golden Order was formed in December of 2005 on the Aggramar server by Amora, with the intent to just be a small family oriented guild, never anything serious such as raiding. Eventually, through the joining of the Small Guild Alliance, TGO grew into a larger guild capable of raiding 40 man instances on its own. TGO migrated to Madoran in January 2007 during the free realm transfers offered upon the release of The Burning Crusade, to alleviate the pressure and lag on Aggramar.

The Golden Order is currently recruiting (see our website for exact classes). We raid 3x a week (Tues-Thu, 7:30PM-10:30PM CST). You can see our current progression by visiting our website as well.

Anyone interested in joining TGO can contact any of our officers in game, or visit us at our website. Our current officers/in-game contacts are Uriah, Tharis, Rockcastle, Luucifex, Mordread.

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