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Info Edit

The Gods is a Friendly guild with a tight knit community. The guild is friendly to all, and glad to help anyone in need. It specializes in niether PvP nor PvE, and can commonly be seen through the server of darrowmere doing both! Led By Deadashell, the gods is a guild regarded by its members to be one of the friendliest, most talkative guilds they have ever been in.

Officers Edit

Deadashell - Guild Master

Âluüra - Bank Manager/Co-GM

Ganjgirl - Bank Manager/Co-GM

Crossbreed - Bank Manager/Co-GM

Irishlad - Bank Manager/Co-GM

Säge - Bank Manager/Co-GM

Jrpepsi - Sergeant

Frostmoure - Sergeant

Curycoo - Senior Officer

Pyschostick - Senior Officer

Hunthungry - Senior Officer

Hiheyhello - Senior Officer

Swordsmasher - Officer

Jrpepsiis - Officer

Nardenn - Officer

Oxthorne - Officer

Dendarion - Officer

Slei - Officer

Thecrook - Officer

Seeudie - Officer

Pandaknight - Officer

Imzmage - Officer

Shadowmenace - Officer

Sahib - Officer

Quorty - Officer

Meditor - Officer

Shalexir - Officer

Jaaren - Officer

Wrillis - Officer

Fliva - Officer

Eveless - Officer

Cyntareesa - Officer

Twotonkilla - Officer

Premdeath - Officer