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The Forgotten is a competitive raiding guild that focuses on progression. We are currently concentrating on Icecrown Citadel(ICC) & Trial of the Grand Crusader(TotGC), with alt runs on Saturday to gear our alts.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Monday - Thursday 7:45 PM Server to 11:00 PM Server
  • Saturday Off-night raids (ICC, ToGC)

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a casual raiding progression guild as such every person is expected to try there best to attend to progress raids
    • If you are unable to make it you are suggested to post on our MIA forums.
  • All members consumables are provided. These include:
    • Health/Mana potions
    • Flasks/Elixirs
    • Protection Potions if needed
  • We use a DKP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Ainamaf, Guildmaster 
Guild leader, Raid Leader.
Deathaknight, Officer
Wenora, Officer
Raid Leader.