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Horde 32 Guild Information Edit

Server:Kilrogg Europe

We are the casual players you all like, we like our twinks and also like To Raid, you will have an hard time to find an member of FMC that is not well prepared, for any task ahead and still keep the feeling that we play to have fun.

With an well stocked guild vault, private TS server and some nice friend ships with other Guilds, we can overcome almost anything.

We running Raid groups by week Rotation and can be serious about that.

But we dont forget Wow is about friendships and Having an good time.

so there is room for all...

We're currently looking for new members, so feel free to browse our site to see if The Firemane Clan is something for you.

Guild History and Status Edit

The Firename Clan have been around on Kilrogg nearly 1 year.

Links Edit

Guild Website: [1]