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The intent of the Firelight Society is to provide a friendly environment for casual players to enjoy end-game content in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Earthen Ring Europe. For more information you can contact Cadaron, Shev or Byrn in game.

Focus, progress and raids Edit

There are varying degrees of "end-game content." One of the guiding principles of the guild is realistic expectations, and part of those expectations is that a guild primarily intended for casual players is not going to be making high-speed progress through the large raids. Our primary play focus as far as major group PvE goes is going to be the 10-man versions of the endgame raid instances, although our more... enthusiastic members are running dungeons pretty much 24/7, and you can always find groups. While it is possible that it may reach a point where we can naturally progress to 25-man raid, we will not be forcing progress onto them. We will not, however, prevent any guild members from joining raiding alliances or acting as a guest with other raiding guilds, so long as they don't clash with our 10-mans.

Recruitment guidelines Edit

Our only requirements are that you have a pleasant disposition and a willingness to learn and be helpful. We're happy with people who are ready to improve their game. We don't require you to be level 85 or geared up to a certain standard to join the guild. This guideline does not apply to attendance at raids; you will have to be suitably geared up before you will be allocated a slot, and your party mates may be unhappy with you if you turn up for a Heroic wearing low-80 greens. However, we accept that everyone has to start somewhere, and will help people run instances to gear up. This is a much easier process than it was in Burning Crusade - heroics and crafted items are equivalent to, and in some cases superior to, items you can obtain in raids.

This also extends to talent spec; we would rather have someone who is willing to take their chosen spec and play it out to its fullest extent, rather than force people into specs they don't want to play. It would be appreciated if hybrid classes could gather off-spec gear (e.g. a healing set for druids, paladins and shamans), especially with the Dual-Spec feature, as it improves our group flexibility.

Joining the Firelight Society Edit

Simply contact any of our members in-game, and they will get in touch with the officers for you. All members will be accepted as initiates, and will be taken on an appropriate-level dungeon run with a guild officer shortly afterwards. Assuming you exhibit basic standards of play - not stealing loot drops, not behaving like an obnoxious twit and not performing acts of gross stupidity that result in messy deaths for all (dude let's aggro everything we can totally take them all at once lol)- you will be promoted to full membership.

Add-ons and external programs Edit

The guild uses Ventrilo ( for voice chat; details of our server are available in the guild information in-game. During a raid you will be expected to have your sound set up to at least listen, barring exceptional circumstances. In-game add-ons are no longer really mandatory after the threat meter was integrated into the base interface, although we highly recommend Omen to make it easier to read, and the paladins will probably frown at you a bit if you don't have PallyPower. Your individual reps and officers may recommend other add-ons that may also help you a great deal.

Scheduling Edit

Scheduling is handled via the in-game calendar, we will also run instances when we can find enough people willing to go.

Officers Edit

Cadaron, Guildmaster

Guild leader. Responsible for day-to-day administration and organisation. The text of this page was stolen wholesale from a post he made on our forum.

Shev, Raid Leader

Primary raid leader. Responsible for sign-ups and telling people not to stand in the fire.

Byrn, Guild Handyman and Scapegoat

Edited this page; if there's anything wrong with it, blame him.

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