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We are mainly an RP guild with a little twist of PvP and PvE thrown in to make it interesting. We do Battlegrounds together when possible. We try to be friendly. It's currently a small guild.

Members who mainly recruitEdit


Will add in other one's name when I get permission.

Recruiting area and interviewEdit

We recruit in that big white building in the Dwarven district. We do an IC interview and ask very basic questions. Name, Previous military history (RP or military guild wise), Jail time, If you want to be a medic or a soldier (people who use spells to heal only), And your preferred combat type. Up front (just go up no sneaking) or assassination (sneak up with a quick attack) Then you get recruited. None of it affects your chances. It lets us know something about your RP.

Major guild stuff that we doEdit

We hold PvP events, parties for special occasions like a number of members. Recently had a part when we got 50 members. Sadly it didn't go good.

Guild Alliance/trucesEdit

We are allied with Fist of Gnomeregan and The Shadow Council. We have a truce with Dark Brotherhood.

Guild websiteEdit

Here is our guild website Army of the Alliance website

Current Goal(s)Edit

Our current goal is to hit 100 members.

Guild WebsiteEdit

Fifth Battalion Website

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