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The Enclave is a casual, social, raiding guild, comprised of people with jobs and lives who also want to raid. We have a very high adult population in our guild, which means that younger members need to ensure their guild interactions are at an acceptable level of maturity to fit in with the majority of members.

This guild was formed on Nagrand. We are a social guild who raid mainly for fun rather than serious progression. For more information you can contact Fingertips[1] or Tholivis[2] in game.

Raid Rules Edit

  • Be on time - be prepared to join the raid group 30 mins prior to the raid start time. The start time is the time we should be walking into the instance.
  • BYO consumables. Have them on you. No last minute shopping. And have enough pots, food, bandages and reagents to last an entire raid.
  • Be polite and respectful when using Ventrilo and raid chat.
  • If you have a commitment that means you may not be able to see the raid through - notify your Raid Leader at the start of the raid.
  • We use a need-based system determined on a case-by-case basis by the Raid Leader.
  • Addons/Software - MANDATORY for all raid members:
  1. Ventrilo. In the very least you need to be able to hear directives from your raid leader. Microphone is optional.
  2. Omen - threat meter.
  3. Deadly Boss Mods OR Bigwigs

References Edit

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