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The Emerald Knights (EK) is an alliance guild on Aggramar Europe. We have fairly large number of active members which allows us to participate in endgame content. However we do not consider ourselves hardcore players but rather casual players.

Overview Edit

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

The Emerald Knights is a guild created in 1997 - many years before WOW was released.

We started as an Ultima Online guild on Drachenfels where we became a well known PVE guild.

Eventually the game grew old and we moved on to seek new challages in the World of Warcraft.

Recruitment Edit

We want our guild to be strong and healthy. While we do want to have the numbers to do anything in the game on our own, just like we did when we were playing Ultima Online, we do not go for quantity over quality in our members. We are in this to have fun together, and to make this possible all need to do their part in this.

We call recruits 'squire' after the knight's shield bearers of old. We are looking for English speaking adults of at least 18 years age who will treat fellow guild members with respect and to be loyal to our guild.

Our recruits are required to show mature behaviour and willingness to work with guild mates to achieve common goals, to do their part on raids and to follow officer's orders.

The objective is to have fun and to accomplish things together. This works only well if the mentioned requirements are met.

We are recruiting people, not in-game characters. A developed character is of course welcome, but not required.

Applications can be made here after registering but make sure you take your time to read the sticky topics first.

Officers Edit

If you feel the need to contact us for any reason, please look for the following people in-game or contact us via our website, referenced above:

  • Stephanius, Guildmaster
  • Koric, Deputy Guildmaster

If you wish to join our guild, see the paragraph above.

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