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The Dominion Of Elites is an alliance faction social guild in the server Darkmoon Faire RP in World of Warcraft that was founded on the 22nd December 2006. Since then, almost every one of the server's players has been involved in the guild at one time or another. The Dominion Of Elites recruits players of all levels, classes and professions. It actively encourages participation in all guild activities by all guild members, regardless of level or skill. This Wiki is dedicated to this guild and its details that made it comparatively more successful as compared to the other guilds on the server and most social guilds in World of Warcraft. TDoE also had 700 members in his good time lost after some months and dropped to now 205.

Raid to Grom 'gol

Raid to Grom 'gol

The Dominion Of Elites' new website is


The Dominion Of Elites, or otherwise known as TDOE, is an alliance guild that is primarily social in nature on the server Darkmoon Faire in the game World of Warcraft. Most noted for its long line of history, its pool of helpful and social members and its management capabilities, TDOE has become a renowned name in the server. Weekly guild events and activities ranging from PvE to PvP to RP ensures that active and friendly guild members will never be left bored in the guild.

TDOE is one among the very few guilds in the server to have ever reached the 500 members mark. It is also perhaps the only guild on the server to achieve the capacity of over 1000 members by creating 2 supplementary guilds in addition to the main guild.

The guild is always looking for fresh faces to add to its ranks, as long as they are helpful, social and reasonably mature.

The guild was funded by Beatrixstar in 2006 and Maloya is the Guild Master since 2010.


Guild History

"I really hope this guild can grow to be something big and something everyone can enjoy." - Beatrixstar

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) was officially founded on the 22nd December 2006 by Beatrixstar. The original intention of the guild's founding was to create a mini social group in which the original Guild Master(Beatrixstar) may talk to. In reality, the guild expanded with overwhelming speed at the outset, and the original intention was abandoned. The new goal of the guild is to facilitate players to level in a social and casual way. While maintaining that the guild is not to become a raid focused guild, TDOE may adopt raid branches to facilitate demand.

On the 13th January 2007, TDOE set up an alliance of guilds, perhaps the first of such guild alliances in Darkmoon Faire. The alliance at the beginning only consisted of 2 guilds, but it eventually expanded until it had 8 guilds in participation.

The alliance of guilds collapsed on the 6th November 2007 due to internal strife, and TDOE itself was experiencing internal conflicts. This combination of misfortunes resulted in the first ever average recorded drop in guild membership. In addition, it is debated that around this period of time, TDOE founded the Guild Agents, and these Guild Agents were incorporated into the service of TDOE.

Over the next few years, TDOE's member count rose steadily, until in its peak time, the guild reached over 500 members(a true estimate is around 560 members, as the World of Warcraft guild roster only supported character names up to 500 members). TDOE also had two supplementary guilds called 'The Brotherhood Of Elite' and 'The Order Of Elites' at that time to facilitate players who wanted to join TDOE but was too late to get membership into the main guild itself.

After its peak time, TDOE experienced changes of Guild Masters, of these, the most notable being Aldena and Voldor. During the reign of Voldor as Guild Master, the guild population dropped to 48 members.

Rumours began appearing amongst guild members that Beatrixstar will eventually return. This finally happened two years after she had last been seen on World of Warcraft. Once Beatrixstar returned to lead TDOE, its amount of guild members rose again at breakneck pace. After it was revealed that Beatrixstar had been lying about who she/he was, she lost the faith her guildies had in her, leading to Beatrixstar deciding to leave World of Warcraft, this time, for good.

But Beatrixstar had to know that someone good enough would take over the guild, someone that she knew would do great things with the Guild. That person, was Maloya. A girl that had been an officer to two month, spending all day in the game, helping the guildies, with whatever was needed. Maloya lead the guild to be one of the first guilds on Darkmoon Faire to hit lvl 25, and made a FB-group for the social members to stay in touch with each other.

The Dominion Of Elites, after all these years are still going on strong.

Guild Name History

The name for TDOE may not actually be original. The name 'The Dominion Of Elites' existed with great popularity only on another private MMORPG called 'The War of the Twenty Nations'.

Controversially, the name isnt linked to the elitism feeling, which is very very bad. There are special occasion tough where this may not be true.

The War of the Twenty Nations

"For the glory that is our dominion! Strike!" - Beatrixstar in The War of the Twenty Nations

The War of the Twenty Nations(WOTTN) is a private MMORPG that is much the same in gameplay as World of Warcraft(WoW), with a few major exceptions. WOTTN features twenty races, in contrast with ten in WoW. WOTTN is based on a setting of universal conquest, instead of questing in Azeroth in WoW. WOTTN has a playable map that is 3 times bigger than the playable map size in WoW, covering landmass of over 17 'planets' (however only parts of the planets are playable). WOTTN is only playable by invitation, unlike WoW, which is open to all players who purchase game time. WOTTN only has a few thousand (albeit extremely active) players, compared with millions of players on WoW.

Connection between the Guild Names

In WOTTN, a guild called 'The Dominion Of Elites' exists, and boasts 94% of players on WOTTN playing as 'The Imperium' race. 'The Dominion Of Elites' in WOTTN has a secondary Guild Master called 'Beatrixstar', which is coincidentally also the name of the founder of TDOE. The connection between the two guilds and the two characters matches very well, although there are no confirmed reports that suggest the two guild names are interlinked or the two characters have relations.

Guild Lore

General Background to Guild Lore

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) guild lore was created by one of the first Guild Agents of TDOE. This Guild Agent recorded all the main happenings of TDOE during the 1st Dominion and decided to write a lore of TDOE. All events shown in the TDOE lore would have been at the very least loosely based on actual events in World of Warcraft, although the character names has been changed slightly to comply with the rule of confidentiality given to all Guild Agents.

In the past, the TDOE guild lore can only be found on the Guild Agents website and the website is heavily protected and censored by its users. After the announcement of the intention to disband the Guild Agents after nearly 4 years of service to TDOE. The TDOE guild lore was released to certain members of the Guild Agents to do as they please with it. The TDOE guild lore was broken up into 'parts' and the full lore may only be restored by piecing together all these 'parts' of the lore. The information about the lore offered in this Wiki is supplied by various former Guild Agents and taken from different Internet sources. This may not account for all the 'parts' of the lore.

General Summary of Guild Lore

The Beginning

The lore begins with background information on the existence of a bloodline of someone called the Great Founder, who is presumed to be the founder of some organization that worked for the restoration of 'the dominion'. This bloodline must be preserved for 'the dominion' to be restored.

"The bloodline lives!" - Ozorus at Starbreeze Village

The actual story of the guild lore begins with Beatrixstar setting out from Aldrassil with 3 companions called Xaviter, Tandoril and Fluxotor. After fighting a massive battle in Starbreeze Village, Beatrixstar and her companions met Ozorus, the leader of a mysterious army and Salinaar, Ozorus' assistant, both of whom pledged their allegiance to 'the dominion'. It was revealed there that Beatrixstar contained the bloodline that was descendant from the Great Founder. The battle at Starbreeze Village was soon followed by another battle resulting from an ambush by the guild called The League Of Masters, whose members swore to destroy any protectors of 'the dominion'. Beatrixstar and her companions was hurried away and escorted by two members of the mysterious army called Levine and Cadid.

Beatrixstar and her companions quickly became friends with Levine and Cadid. They also met a master weapon craftsman called Hans soon after, who decided to travel with them to explore more of Azeroth. This group of companions travelled until one day news reached them that Ozorus had been killed in the ambush attack by The League Of Masters. Greatly distraught by the loss of their leader, Levine and Cadid sank into a depression that soon consumed everyone in the travelling group. This group depression finally ended when the group met two hunters called Mergandas and Mergandorf, who were brothers. These brothers soon cheered up the group and also joined them in their travels. Finally the group met a paladin in need called Paulusman, who had been under attack by furbolgs in Ashenvale when the group saved him. Extremely thankful, Paulusman joined the travelling group in their adventures.

The group then met a pack of dwarves in Astranaar, all of whom Beatrixstar grew a special friendship with. However, when Astranaar was later under attack and Beatrixstar was in dire need of assistance. The dwarves abandoned her for their own lives. Deeply saddened by the fact people she thought were friends had abandoned her, Beatrixstar was on the brink of depression.

"Count me in!" - Beatrixstar agreeing to form The Dominion Of Elites

The beginning of the guild lore came to a close when Beatrixstar agreed to form a guild under the suggestion of Fluxotor. This guild will become what is known now as The Dominion Of Elites.

The Middle

Under the circumstance that Beatrixstar and her companions had decided to form a guild and is en route to Darnassus to do so, they were suddenly stopped by Salinaar, who then promised he would protect Beatrixstar until his dying breath. But Salinaar objected to the prospect of forming a guild in which Beatrixstar would be the leader. Salinaar feared by being the guild's leader the person he was supposed to protect would be too vulnerable to danger, Salinaar also claimed that by being an ancestor of 'the elites', Beatrixstar should not mix with commoners or lowly adventurers. However, despite Salinaar's protests, Beatrixstar and her companions decided to press on with the formation of the guild. Upon reaching Darnassus, Beatrixstar, along with Xaviter, Tandoril, Fluxotor, Levine, Cadid, Hans, Mergandas, Mergandorf and Paulusman, formed the guild 'The Dominion Of Elites'.

"This is harder than I thought." - Beatrixstar, realising guild management isn't as easy as people thinks

The guild lore continued with descriptions of many challenges that faces the companions as they try to get to grips with managing and nurturing a guild. This rather peaceful lull in the guild lore abruptly came to an end when members of The Dominion Of Elites were ambushed by The League Of Masters near Auberdine. Beatrixstar, caught in a dire ambush once again, was again saved by the mysterious army, but this time led by Salinaar. Due to the overwhelming numbers by the combined strength of The Dominion Of Elites and the mysterious army, The League Of Masters was defeated in this ambush. After the battle Salinaar expressed his intentions to incorporate his army as a somewhat subordinate guild under The Dominion Of Elites, a secret but deadly guild that is not to be known by members of The Dominion Of Elites except for Beatrixstar. Beatrixstar reluctantly accepted this offer and the mysterious army led by Salinaar became known as the 'Guild Agents', because of their secrecy and efficiency in actions.

"Fools! Did you ever think you had a chance?" - Rushnacuwig, before battle was joined

"Rise up! And strike them down!" - The heroic last words of Salinaar

"This... cannot... be!" - Rushnacuwig's last words

"It's amazing what one man can do... You never know how much you need them until they're gone... " - Beatrixstar, after the battle of Ashenvale

Another mostly peaceful lull followed in the guild lore describing the efforts of The Dominion Of Elites all over Azeroth and the hidden hand of the Guild Agents that somewhat amusingly affected the actions of The Dominion Of Elites members. This lull was ended once again by The League Of Masters, which had sent an ultimatum for The Dominion Of Elites to surrender and produce Beatrixstar for execution or else face the wrath of a powerful army in Ashenvale. The Dominion Of Elites refused and produced an army from members within its own ranks. Aided by the Guild Agents, the army of The Dominion Of Elites marched to Ashenvale to face The League Of Masters once and for all. Upon seeing the army facing them, it became quickly clear that victory would be next to impossible. Despite the odds, battle was joined, and soon many of The Dominion Of Elites members and the Guild Agents lay down dead or dying. Faced with the imminent prospect of defeat and more importantly, the death of Beatrixstar, Salinaar made perhaps the most heroic decision found in the entire lore. As a powerful priest, Salinaar sacrificed himself to resurrect all the fallen comrades around him. Salinaar's sacrifice gave The Dominion Of Elites the edge it needed to fight off The League Of Masters and kill its leader, Rushnacuwig.

The middle 'part' of the guild lore ended in optimism for the future despite the loss of Salinaar. A Guild Agent called Dinezura took over as the leader of the Guild Agents and Beatrixstar set about rebuilding The Dominion Of Elites after the losses of the horrific battle in Ashenvale. Beatixstar and the Guild Agents worked harmoniously together while the rest of The Dominion Of Elites was left unaware of the Guild Agents' contributions to the guild.

The Current End

The end of the current guild lore (as this guild lore is only for the events in 1st Dominion of The Dominion Of Elites, but the guild is now in its 6th Dominion) began quite calmly, with scenes of unity and friendship. With The League Of Masters utterly destroyed, The Dominion Of Elites tried to make its own history without more bloodshed, but this dream did not come to realise. As soon The Dominion Of Elites was dragged into the war with the Horde and many of its members fell under the blades of the Horde. Xaviter, now a veteran of many battles, became ever more obsessed with destroying the Horde, and demanded that Beatrixstar gather another army together from members of the guild to destroy the Horde like they did with The League Of Masters. Beatrixstar, knowing such an attempt was doomed to fail, refused Xaviter. In his rage Xaviter devised a plan to trick members of The Dominion Of Elites to support his idea and leave the guild. Indeed, this plan was executed to perfection. Xaviter managed to gain the support of Fluxotor, Hans, Mergandas and Mergandorf and together they along with other supporters of Xaviter, left The Dominion Of Elites to fight the Horde.

"If you will not answer my call, then I will look for others who will." - Xaviter, after hearing Beatrixstar's rejection to his request

After this split within the ranks of The Dominion Of Elites, news arrived that Xaviter and his supporters were gathering more support from other guilds within the Alliance, and that their eventual attack on the Horde was imminent. It was during this time Beatrixstar learned from Dinezura that as the bearer of the bloodline, she was destined to reclaim what her ancestors considered as 'the dominion', a great swath of land that covered huge chunks of Azeroth, including Orgrimmar. Having learned of what destiny holds for her, Beatrixstar was forced to consider whether or not to join Xaviter on his suicidal attempt to overwhelm the Horde. She eventually decided not to, and in turn spared her guild members from death. As the day after she had sent her letter to Xaviter refusing to join him, she learned that Xaviter and his mighty army had been crushed at the gates of Orgrimmar. Beatrixstar then decided to pursue her own methods of reclaiming 'the dominion'.

"You know how much you mean to me, and you know that I will do all I can to please you. You are as beautiful as a Teldrassil flower, and as strong in character as the greatest champion. I long to be with you, let that be of no doubt. But I cannot, your bloodline is pure, and I must not allow mine to taint the blood who so many have died to protect. Love can make one weary in battle, longing to see the one he loves over and over again, which is something I dare not allow myself to do, for your sake. Beatrix, your very beauty pains me when I say each of those words, have no doubt my affection for you is eternal and supreme. But please, find someone more worthy of your beauty and character, and live with him until you are old and forgetful and your heart's content, and let me fade into the mists of history." - The heartbreaking last words of Dinezura before he leaves Beatrixstar for the last time

Deeply saddened by the loss of so many of her long trusted friends. Beatrixstar made numerous poor judgements regarding The Dominion Of Elites, this eventually led to an event called 'The Inner Heresy' amongst the Guild Agents, which even the guild lore does not record in detail. The end of the current guild lore ended in a rather heartbreaking note. As during the times of co-operation Beatrixstar and Dinezura had developed a romantic relationship with each other, but the end of the guild lore saw the revelation by Dinezura that he could never fully be with Beatrixstar because she had the bloodline, and as a Guild Agent who had sworn to keep her safe, he could not allow his judgements to be clouded by love, therefore, Dinezura could never fully be with her. Dinezura suggested that she should search for a better life mate elsewhere, someone that does not belong to the Guild Agents. From that day onwards, Dinezura has not been seen by members of The Dominion Of Elites unless a crisis appears, and even then he always made sure Beatrixstar was never there to see him, every time he appeared he had the features of a heartbroken man. And so the current guild lore ends, with an uncertain future for Beatrixstar and The Dominion Of Elites.

The Basic Policies

The following are the basic policies The Dominion Of Elites expects all guild members to follow:

  • The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) is a mixed guild, this means that both roleplaying(RP) and non-RP are allowed in the guild. This includes the Guild Chat and all other modes of communication within the guild.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to create disturbances due to unpleasant antics of any kind in the guild. All guild members represent the guild and the guild expects all members to behave in a modest fashion.
  • TDOE is primarily a family-friendly social guild. This means that players of all ages, race, gender or class are welcome in the guild. Guild members expects to be treated with equal respect, and the guild does not tolerate any discrimination upon other guild members.
  • TDOE does not invite players so that they can take advantage of the guild. Any member who only 'take' and doesn't 'give' will not be looked at fondly in the guild.

The above are the basic policies of TDOE. For a full list of policies and rules please check

The Fundamental Goals (The Fundamental Principles)

"The Dominion Of Elites can never guarantee something can be done, but it can try to the best of its ability to see that it is done." - Beatrixstar

The following are a list of the basic goals The Dominion Of Elites hopes to achieve:

  • Strive to the best of its ability to become a social guild with as few limitations as possible on membership, and which may one day become the leader in its field.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to facilitate roleplaying and non-roleplaying players.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to facilitate activities which everybody in the guild may enjoy.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to create friendly and constructive ties with the other guilds in Darkmoon Faire.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to create and maintain a robust system of management that is acceptable to the majority of guild members.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to create an atmosphere of power sharing in the guild, where the guild may operate as normal without the frequent presence of the Guild Master.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to foster a sense of community in the guild.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to protect its guild members when needed.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to create an environment that is both casual and enjoyable to play in within the guild.
  • Strive to the best of its ability to nurture teamwork within the guild.

Guild Alliances

"Guild alliances should be really cool, there ain't guild alliances in DMF as far as I know but think of the amount of things you can do with an alliance of guilds!" - Guild Member

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) has been the leader guild of one guild alliance in its history. Opinions divide but it is generally considered as a failure for TDOE, as it was unable to hold together the guild alliance during the time of internal strife. TDOE is now once again actively seeking for guilds to co-operate with in a guild alliance.

History of Guild Alliance (Dominion Guilds)

TDOE had been the leader guild of an alliance of guilds called the 'Dominion Guilds'(DG). It is not clearly known what's the names of these guilds that participated except for TDOE. It is rather strange how difficult it is for anyone who is interested to acquire information about the guilds that participated in the DG. Facts and figures lead to different results. The only certain fact about the DG is that when it was created on 13th January 2007, it had only TDOE and another guild in participation. By the end of the DG on the 6th November 2007, 8 guilds were involved. The reason behind the DG's end was revealed as internal disagreements. No information can be offered regarding the other 7 guilds in participation but statistics suggest that during the period TDOE was in the DG, it had gain a tremendous amount of about 280 members, this could account for entire small guilds. Therefore, it is not completely out of the question to speculate that TDOE might have absorbed some of the small guilds into its population. After the disappointment of the DG, TDOE closed itself off and refused offers of creating or participating in guild alliances.

Seeking Guild Alliance

TDOE is now once again seeking to participate in a guild alliance. This news was surprisingly announced on the 16th October 2010 when the Guild Master at the time revealed she was under negotiations with a guild. The intention of this guild alliance was to nurture growth within the ranks of TDOE and also to have a better relationship with the other guilds in the server Darkmoon Faire. Despite the breakdown of negotiations of conditions with this particular guild, this is a major sign, as it is an indication of TDOE's clear intention to participate in a guild alliance once again.

Taking into consideration the histories of the past. The requirements regarding the incorporation of TDOE into any guild alliance should be relatively demanding. Being a guild of its size, TDOE will undoubtedly consider different factors that would compromise its ability to recruit efficiently. Also, it would be reasonable to expect TDOE to see if the participating guilds would be helpful in its quest for elimination of its weaknesses in the guild, such as the inability of TDOE to do higher level dungeon raids. Furthermore, TDOE is well-known for its iron-caste approach to rule enforcement. Any guilds willing to participate in a guild alliance with TDOE will be sure to be required to respect its rule enforcement policies. In addition, TDOE should be expected to ask the participating guilds to respect its right to do as it wishes concerning its mixed policy on RP. As a founding policy, TDOE is a mixed guild that allows both RP and Non-RP, it is perhaps reasonable to expect that TDOE shall maintain that policy as long as it exists.

The procedures regarding the formation of a guild alliance with TDOE should also be expected to be arduous. TDOE is a great believer in guild security, hence every precaution should be taken to ensure that the participating guilds of the guild alliance will not endanger the security of TDOE and its members. The presumed corollary for this is that TDOE has a complicated set of procedures for incorporation into a guild alliance. The exact details of these procedures is unclear, although its complication has been known to confuse and bewilder even other Guild Masters. The facts and assumptions regarding TDOE's procedures on participating a guild alliance is taken from various player sources, hence the facts and assumptions, even though likely to be true, may turn out to be false.

Possible Contributions to Guild Alliance

"The Dominion has much to offer our allies in such dark times ... you will not regret joining with us." - Beatrixstar

"It (Dominion Guilds) was the most epic thing I had ever seen in WoW, but then cracks began appearing and everyone started abandoning their guilds, only the main guild (The Dominion Of Elites) grew ... to tell you the truth I think everyone went to that guild, it makes no sense how we would lose members and they get more members." - Dominion Guilds Veteran

All guild alliances undoubtedly requires all its member guilds to contribute in some way. TDOE, although veteran of a guild alliance that is past, is still uniquely suited to contributing to any guild alliance.

One important factor of TDOE regarding contributions is that although not proficient in every aspect of guild running in World of Warcraft, it is capable of initiating any activity that is common to most guilds in the game. This makes TDOE very flexible in terms of satisfying conditions for any guild alliance. Another greatly notable contribution TDOE could offer is its superb management systems. The TDOE system of management has rightly withstood the test of time and would be an intellectual treasure for any guild to acquire. In addition, the name of TDOE is well-known in the server Darkmoon Faire, any guild in alliance with TDOE should enjoy the benefit of being allied to one of the oldest and biggest guilds in the server, this could make the other member guilds' recruitment more efficient.

As a guild, TDOE's potential to contribute to a guild alliance is quite staggering. It has the means and the influence to leave its mark on any guild alliance. However, history has shown that TDOE, although big and powerful and capable of sustaining itself, probably does require a significant amount of compromise from other participating guilds in the guild alliance. This in turn may affect the friendly communication between the participating guilds, as the general rule is that no guild wants to change its policies and ways of management. If a guild alliance is to be created and maintained, both TDOE and the other participating guilds must give ground and compromise.

Possible Advantages to the Guild

"We (Dominion Guilds) had an activity every 3 days except on Mondays. The raids were like huge ... I think one raid to Orgrimmar actually founght off the Horde for over 2 hours." - Dominion Guilds Veteran

A guild alliance is created for the sole purpose of improvement in communication and progress to all participating guilds. The possible contributions of a guild alliance differs with the possible combination of guild types involved in the alliance.

The most obvious benefit a guild alliance may have upon TDOE is it will improve its capability to raid. TDOE greatly lacks the ability to initiate dungeon raids and a guild alliance may provide more players and hence more possibility of starting dungeon raids in TDOE. Another advantage is that better communication may be established with other guilds in Darkmoon Faire. This is crucial to the successful running of a guild as it greatly expands the possible options available to the Guild Master of TDOE in times of crisis as participating guilds may be there to help. Furthermore, a guild alliance is rare in Darkmoon Faire, any alliance created in the server will undoubtedly attract attention. This may improve TDOE's ability to efficiently recruit new members.

All guild alliances will have good aspects and bad aspects. TDOE has shown it is willing to deal with the bad aspects of any guild alliance by offering invitation to possible participating guilds. However, TDOE will certainly require that a guild alliance bring benefits to itself as well. Any guild alliance forged with TDOE must respect its intention to benefit from the engagement. Analysts disagree upon if TDOE will gain more from making a guild alliance or lose more, the general viewpoint is that TDOE will have more to lose than gain from a guild alliance. But taking into account that some benefits outweighs some losses, the results of forming a guild alliance can never be certain.


Ordinary Members

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) has very loose guidelines as relating to recruitment. In contrast to most guilds, which only allows entry on condition of meeting a certain level or gear requirements, the ensure a wide range of personalities and talents. TDOE does not impose any conditions for players to join, however, this policy may change once the guild has reached a certain threshold in the number of members. Once that threshold has been reached, TDOE has in the past imposed one guideline that prevents all characters under level 10 from joining the guild, but this may not be the case in the future as guild needs change.

TDOE is now recruiting and in accordance with past trends, it will usually continue to do so until it reaches the 500 members limit for World of Warcraft guilds. TDOE is putting an emphasis on recruiting:

  • Social players
  • Casual raiders
  • Mature players likes to have a say in making decision in the guild
  • Mature players that would like to participate in guild management

TDOE are especially looking for the type of players listed above, but it's commitment to accept into the guild any players, regardless of their playing experience or standards, is still in practice.

Although TDOE recruits mostly through the game World of Warcraft. It does have a recruitment facility on its website However, because of its loose recruiting guidelines, it is common that a player will have a higher chance of getting an invitation into TDOE by asking a guild member in the game than to use the guild website recruitment facility.

Guild Agents

TDOE also recruited Guild Agents. The method of recruitment and the quantity of recruitment remains a mystery for most. It is now an official policy of TDOE that no more Guild Agent recruitment will take place.

Guild Ranks

The guild ranks of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) is as follows in order from higher rank to lower rank:

  • Dominion Master(Guild Master)
  • Consularis
  • Supreme Elites
  • RP Specialist
  • Elite Architect
  • Legionnaire
  • Apprentice
  • Recruits

The ranks Apprentice and Recruits are considered as low ranks of the guild, which can be easily obtained with relatively minimum contributions to the guild overall.

The rank Legionnaire are considered as the HERO ranks of the guild. To obtain these ranks guild members generally must perform some notable contribution to the guild at least once.

The ranks Supreme Elite, are considered the officer ranks in the guild. Guild members holding these ranks are expected to perform numerous management tasks and to contribute to the guild regularly. To obtain these ranks are considered an achievement by most guild members, as only persistent loyalty and frequent contributions to the guild may get a guild member to be even considered for these ranks.

The specific details of how to get promotions concerning the ranks above may be found in the Promotions in the Guild section.

The promotion system for the rank Champion is unique and can be found on the forum:

The powers of each guild rank is left to the discovery by each individual guild member. As the powers of each guild rank may be changed frequently in the guild to facilitate different situations as they arise.

Promotions in the Guild

Promotions in the guild is given usually by the Guild Master on a regular basis. However, both Champions and Supreme Elites may give promotions up to the rank of Prime Guardian.

Promotions may be given for the following reasons:

  • Being an active speaker in the guild chat
  • Regularly appearing in guild activities
  • Generous donor of items into the Guild Vault
  • Regular helper of guild members in quests
  • Attaining a place in the 'Archive Of Glory' on the guild website
  • Helping the guild maintain out-of-game tools(such as the guild website)
  • Helping to organize the Guild Vault
  • Generous donor of items to the Guild Shop
  • Being the 'Shopkeeper' for the Guild Shop
  • Regular recruiter of active members
  • Helping to spread the good name of the guild
  • Regular participator in guild management
  • Regular participator in guild raids

Promotions are given to guild members for one or a combination of the reasons listed above.

Generally one reason would be enough for a promotion to attain a low rank.

The rank Supreme Elite is exceptionally difficult to obtain for normal guild members. This rank requires that a guild member:

  • Satisfy at least 6 reasons from the list above
  • Served in the guild for a minimum of 4 months
  • Must be well known amongst other guild members(the distinction of 'well known' is at the Guild Master's discretion)
  • Must be a persistent contributor to the guild
  • Must be active on the character concerned

These 5 requirements must all be met for a normal guild member to obtain the Supreme Elite rank. It is common that normal guild members find themselves promoted with alarming speed to the rank of Legionnaire for outstanding contributions to the guild, only to find they are unable to obtain the Supreme Elite rank. The Supreme Elite rank has been famed for its agonisingly difficult process to obtain as only the Guild Master may give a guild member the Supreme Elite rank, Elite Architects cannot promote a guild member to the rank of Supreme Elite. It is argued that the Supreme Elite rank is harder to obtain than the Elite Architect rank, as the Supreme Elite rank can only be attained through sustained contributions.

The rank Supreme Elite is essentially the '2nd-in-command' of the guild. Guild members holding this rank are expected to do the same amount of tasks as the Guild Master. Guild members holding this rank enjoys the same powers as the Guild Master and their decisions can only be overruled by the Guild Master himself/herself. Guild ranks in TDOE represent the time and effort put into the guild by the guild member. It also reflects the willingness of the guild member to be promoted to a higher rank.

There are sometimes complaints that centre around the constant request of promotions from certain guild members. This practise is now forbidden under the guild rules of The Dominion Of Elites.

Demotions in the Guild

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) rarely gives demotions to its guild members. But there are only 2 methods in which guild members may be demoted in TDOE. The term 'demoted' does not extend to expulsions from the guild.

These 2 methods are:

  • Breaching one or more of the guild rules or policies
  • A Guild Rank Restructuring

Breaching Guild Rules or Policies

The most common reason for demotions are due to a guild member breaching the guild rules or policies. TDOE has a strict adherence to its guild rules and policies and will have low tolerance for guild members that intentionally breaches one or more of the rules or policies.

The scale of the demotions is completely dependent on:

  • The seriousness of the breach of guild rules or policies
  • If the breach of the guild rules or policies was intentional

Guild members found stealing from the guild in any way would be considered as having breached a major rule in the guild rules or policies, and hence they will likely be demoted on a very large scale. However, if guild members were found to have offended another guild member in retaliation to a prior remark, then this would be considered as a minor offence as despite the offence, it was the other member that initiated the offence, hence the retaliating member will likely to be demoted on a smaller scale.

Whether or not a breach of the guild rules or policies was intentional is a major factor towards how harshly demotion will be handed out. If a guild member unintentionally offended someone or unintentionally took something he/she shouldn't have taken from the Guild Vault, then demotions will be given lightly, or indeed, not given at all. However, intentional wrongdoings will be treated with close to zero tolerance and demotions may be expected to be of a substantial scale.

Demotions due to intentional breaching of guild rules or policies will have a permanent effect on a guild member's ability to get promoted again. A penalty will be imposed upon the demoted member and will be considered when a promoting officer reviews the guild member's profile for a promotion. Sometimes these penalties have cost demoted guild members dearly in regards to guild rank promotions.

The full list of Guild Rules or Policies may be found at

Guild Rank Restructuring

A Guild Rank Restructuring refers to the re-balancing of the guild ranks. Sometimes a guild member may have contributed to the guild and then get promoted to a certain rank, but then that guild member stops contributing to the guild but still keeps that rank. A Guild Rank Restructuring will demote the guild members who do not continue to contribute to the guild to keep their ranks. This is especially important when there is an excess of higher officers on a certain rank and very few higher officers on another rank. For example, it would be unacceptable to have 12 Supreme Elites and only 2 Prime Guardians, Prime Guardians comes after Supreme Elite in the guild rank hierarchy and so there would be too much imbalance in the guild rank order to make the guild management efficient. Therefore, a Guild Rank Restructuring is required to demote some of those Supreme Elites to Prime Guardians, depending on how many of those Supreme Elites kept contributing to the guild.

Guild Rank Restructuring demotions are based on contributions by individual guild members in the long term. It would be useless for a guild member to start contributing heavily immediately prior to the Guild Rank Restructuring because said guild member did not contribute much in the long term.

There is general nervousness amongst guild members immediately prior to a Guild Rank Restructuring but Guild Masters of TDOE are very fair and lenient towards demotions of Guild Rank Restructuring. Guild members that has continuously contributed to the guild should not worry as it is unlikely that said guild member will be demoted. Guild Rank Restructuring should not be seen as a form of punishment but merely as a way to improve guild efficiency.

Guild members demoted due to a Guild Rank Restructuring will have no penalties imposed on them by this demotion. They may easily get promoted again by contributing to the guild once more and meeting the requirements that match that promoted rank.

Through observation it is a general rule that higher officer ranked members will usually be affected the most by a Guild Rank Restructuring, as they are the backbone of the guild management system and hence must be kept efficient. Lower officer ranked or low ranked members are usually affected less by Guild Rank Restructures, as they play a relatively minor role in guild management.

NOTE: The below sections are no longer a fact, but remains on this site, as it was a part of TDOE when Beatrixstar was the leader, and when she resigned as Guildleader, the Guild Agents disapeared with her.

Guild Agents

"We don't harm anyone, you can pretty much bet on that ... unless someone harms the Guild Master." - Former Guild Agent

The Guild Agents of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) is a group of players on World of Warcraft that serves TDOE in external management of the guild and also may intervene in crisis situations. Although it is confirmed they exist, little is known about them or what services they provide for TDOE.

The Guild Agents is perhaps what gives TDOE its mystical side. Although this mysticism has perhaps been the root of worries for some of TDOE's members. Normal Guild Agents is rumoured not to appear in the guild roster (that is to say they are not official members of TDOE) but the Chief Guild Agent is allegedly present in the TDOE guild roster.

The following list contains the few facts known about Guild Agents:

  • Attained the right to confidentiality of service when they enrolled to join as Guild Agents
  • Has unparalleled knowledge of the guild
  • Does not interfere in any guild's matters with the special exception of TDOE
  • Does not interfere in internal TDOE matters unless compelled to by some extremely grave circumstance
  • Assumes responsibility for external guild matters, this allegedly includes guild alliances and RP escorts
  • Will never disclose that they are Guild Agents
  • Will participate in normal World of Warcraft activities like any ordinary player
  • Will never use illegal or forbidden methods in World of Warcraft to achieve their goals


The Guild Agents may seem to have little or no influence in TDOE, but in reality their influence is quite substantial. As Guild Agents are unmatched in their knowledge of TDOE, their input into the guild decision making process may prove to be extremely useful and well informed. However, due to the fact that Guild Agents are not strictly speaking, active members of the guild, they do not see the Guild Chat, which leads to Guild Agents sometimes being out-of-touch with the general mood or different factors that may be vital in decision making.

Guild Agents have a powerful sway in the decision making of TDOE. Whenever a vote is called by the Guild Master, Guild Agents will all vote and the majority backed solution in the Guild Agents' vote accounts for 25% of any vote held in the guild by the Guild Master on internal guild matters. Guild Agents will also have a 50% vote capability when voting on an external guild matter is being counted, however, as external guild matters are a delicate issue, the 50% quota may be split into different parts. For example, if the guild is voting on whether or not to change the host of he guild website. Guild members in the guild voted 42% yes and 58% no, and Guild Agents voted 87% yes and 13% no, then the ultimate decision taken will be to change the host. As the 42% of the guild members' vote is added onto the 87% of the Guild Agents' vote, giving a total of 129 units of support for the yes opinion versus the 71 units of support for the no opinion.

Guild Agents effectively only answer to Beatrixstar in the guild, as she is the co-founder of the Guild Agents and the only person with the exception of the Chief Guild Agent who may know the character names, capabilities and assignments given to all Guild Agents.

The influence of the Guild Agents in TDOE is totally dependent on the Guild Master's permission. Their influence can be brought to nothing if the Guild Master decides it to be so. The Guild Agents does not own or rule TDOE by right and hence cannot enforce their will upon normal guild members.

Unrest (The Inner Heresy)

"It was a hard time, everyone was arguing with each other and nobody was givin' ground, I bloody hate it when that happens to intelligent people like us." - Former Guild Agent

Many stories emerge regarding the history of the Guild Agents, albeit from somewhat unreliable sources. However, one series of events that have frequently been mentioned is some type of unrest within the ranks of the Guild Agents, which has been dubbed by those with knowledge of it, as 'The Inner Heresy'.

The stories regarding this subject varies with each interpretation. Although some facts seems to fit universally with every interpretation.

These facts include:

  • An argument within the ranks of the Guild Agents regarding the authority and responsibility held by different higher ranking officers within the Guild Agents.
  • Some of these officers decided to leave the Guild Agents and form a guild. With strong opposition from the other officers of the Guild Agents.
  • The population of the Guild Agents that is willing to serve TDOE was cut roughly to half.
  • The part of the Guild Agents that stayed loyal to TDOE probably still serves the guild. The actions of the other part which left the service of TDOE is too ambiguous to deduce from the different interpretations.

The facts of 'The Inner Heresy' does not offer a clear cut picture of what might have happened during that period in the Guild Agent's history. But the probability that this event had occurred is highly likely. As the many different versions of 'The Inner Heresy' was too much the same in detail for it to be an imaginary creation. Also, TDOE members who had done something wrong against the guild are commonly referred to as 'Traitors' by some Old Dominion members, but they also refer to 'Heretics', which supposedly carries the same meaning as 'Traitors'. However, the name 'Heretics' could very likely have been created from events in 'The Inner Heresy'. These comparisons may be true, although they are firmly based on players' accounts, and may prove to be unreliable.


"I couldn't believe it (The Dominion Of Elites) was still there when I came back to WoW ... " - Guild Member

Perhaps one of the many things that separates The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) from the other guilds on the server is its internal management system. TDOE excels at being able to restructure itself internally in response to different situations as they arise. The Guild Masters of TDOE select certain guild members to have substantial quantities of power to manage the guild. The guild therefore has many capable members sharing the management work involved in the guild, this is in contrast to most other guilds which is mainly supported in terms of management by the Guild Master himself/herself. This creates a power sharing environment in which low ranking guild members may have their opinions directed straight to the top of the rank hierarchy through other high ranking members of the guild they may be familiar with.

A surprising and uncommon management technique determined through observation is that the higher up in the rank hierarchy a guild member is, his/her opinion will matter more. This is different from the majority of other guilds, which values the opinions of each guild member equally. This rather business style of management may seem very unfair at first sight, but is ingenious in practice. As a guild member ranks up in TDOE, their respective rank represents their contributions to the guild, but also to the amount of knowledge regarding the guild that guild member has acquired. Hence, by placing weight on opinions of higher ranking guild members, the guild ensures that the opinions are informed and decided upon with a vivid knowledge of the situation of the guild. This management style has been subject to much scrutiny, but most analysts believe it is of efficient effect in practice.

Secret or 'backdoor' management systems are in place in the circumstance that a crisis threatens the guild and immediate leadership is needed if the Guild Master is unable to lead. This type of management is usually only applicable to Guild Agents.

Despite its monstrous size in terms of the number of members sometimes, TDOE has been mostly in control of itself. Encouraging discussions within the Guild Chat to try and get all guild members involved, as well as hosting numerous guild activities and challenges to nurture enjoyment of World of Warcraft in the guild.


Throughout the existence of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE), discipline had always been in amongst the top of the guild's priorities. TDOE was originally designed to be a social and family-friendly guild, and that stance has not changed over the course of a few years of history. Each one of TDOE's Guild Masters imposed strict guild rules that all guild members must follow. The full list of the guild rules may be obtained from


Any guild member found breaching any rules or policies of TDOE will usually be given a warning upon the first case of said guild member breaching the guild rules or policies. Upon the second encounter of the same member breaching rules or policies, demotions may be imposed. Any more breaches of the rules or policies of the guild will usually result in that member being expelled from the guild.

This system of warning, demotion and expulsion is not a rigid system of dealing with disciplinary problems within the guild. Guild members found with more serious disciplinary problems (Example: Stealing from the guild) may be expelled instantly upon the first case of breaching the rules or policies of the guild.

Degrees of Tolerance

"If you don't expel a trouble maker after he knowingly does something bad, he will only do it again ... people don't change their personality overnight in WoW" - Guild Member

"Zero tolerance for criminals and vandals!" - Officer in TDOE

The TDOE management has always been seen as tolerant and lenient towards wrongdoing in the guild. However, by observation, it is clear that the tolerance and leniency is only applicable to minor offences (Example: unintentionally communicating unsuitable topics in the Guild Chat). The trend of all TDOE punishments handed out reveal that the guild management takes a hard-line approach towards more serious offences, and the majority of guild members found to have committed a major offence was expelled from the guild upon first breach of the rules or policies.

Guild Events and Activities

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) offers a wide range of events and activities for its members. In addition to the common activities done by most other guilds, TDOE also has a list of events and activities that is almost exclusive to its name.

Guild activities will usually have one week notice. All guild activities are posted onto the in-game calendar, hence to be sure what activities are coming up, checking the in-game calendar is vital.

Non-RP Events and Activities

A list of the events and activities common to most guilds:

  • Guild Meetings
  • Horde Area Raids
  • Guild Trade Fairs
  • Low Level Dungeon Raids

A list of events and activities almost exclusive to TDOE:

  • Guild Escort Missions
  • Guild Dual Tournaments
  • Guild Massacres
  • Guild Knowledge Quiz
  • Guild Hunting Competitions
  • Guild Recruiting Seasons
  • Guild Apprenticeship Challenges

On average TDOE hosts one activity from the list above each week, but this is not fixed and is totally at the Guild Master's or Activity Organizers' discretion. Also some activities above are only 'unlocked' by TDOE's guild members once the guild has reached a certain amount of guild members. An example are the Guild Apprenticeship Challenges, the guild will host this activity once the guild has 500 members or more within the guild.

The guild events and activity fosters a sense of community and comradeship amongst the guild's members. Those members who regularly participate in guild activities are well regarded by the Guild Master. It is also an apparent trend that the members who regularly attend guild activities are faster at moving up the guild rank chain than other members who do not attend the guild activities.

The link shown at the end of the clips is to the TDOE old website, which is now deleted. The new website is

Tdoe raid to Undercity

Tdoe raid to Undercity

Tdoe raid to Tarren Mill

Tdoe raid to Tarren Mill

RP Events and Activities

TDOE also hosts several RP events and activities. This includes:

  • Scenario Quests
  • Story Acting
  • Guild RP Horde Area Raids
  • In-Game Weddings
  • Other RP Scenarios upon Request

The link shown at the end of the clips is to the TDOE old website, which is now deleted. The new website is

Bow and Naka getting married

Bow and Naka getting married

Mozoaz and Moza getting married

Mozoaz and Moza getting married

Dungeon Raids

TDOE incorporated a raid branch into the guild in late October 2010 due to popular demand. This raid branch will be responsible for raids of all types except Horde territory raids.

When the appropriate raid has been decided upon, the guild management will post the coming raid on the guild calendar.

The Dominions

Because The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) has been running for over several years, it is hard to specify a particular event during this period of time. Therefore to aid identification of a time period with greater ease, the lifespan of TDOE has been categorized into different 'Dominion's, each separated by a crucial event in the guild's history.

  • 1st Dominion: TDOE founded by Beatrixstar
  • 2nd Dominion: TDOE joins guild alliance
  • 3rd Dominion: Aldena made Guild Master of TDOE and also TDOE disbands guild alliance
  • 4th Dominion: Beatrixstar reinstated as Guild Master of TDOE
  • 5th Dominion: Voldor made Guild Master of TDOE
  • 6th Dominion: Beatrixstar reinstated as Guild Master of TDOE after a 2 year break from World of Warcraft
  • 7th Dominion: Maloya takes over as Guild Master, after Guild Agents and Bea left the guild in Jan 2011.

The Old Dominion

The Old Dominion is generally categorized as from the 1st Dominion to the 6th Dominion inclusive. Guild members who joined during that period but left enjoys the ability to regain their past guild rank(subject to conditions) if they rejoin the guild in the 7th Dominion.

The Dominion Of Elites has a wide array of loyal members from the Old Dominion. These members continue to help the guild in various ways even if they have left the guild.

The Old Dominion is an indispensable period in the guild's history that has taught many lessons to the current wave of guild leaders and officers in the guild.

The New Dominion

The New Dominion is generally categorized as the 7th Dominion. Signalling the rebirth or renew of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) as a whole, following the decline of TDOE during the 6th Dominion.

The New Dominion varies in several ways to the Old Dominion. Perhaps the most obvious is the increasing popularity of TDOE once again amongst players in Darkmoon Faire. Another difference is the near complete overhaul of the old higher officer members. The guild ranks has also gone through modifications, The old 'Officer' rank between Guardian and Veteran, Prime Guardian was removed and replaced with the guild rank Supreme Elite and Consularis.

RP Guild Stories

The RP extract below concerns the leader of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE). It was found on the Guild Agents' website under the name 'Tales of the Elites - Part 1'.

"Before they began their slumber. All through heaven and hell no one dared speak of them. All through the outer reaches of Northrend did they thought to oppose them. All through the haunted nexus of the Nerubians to the highest peaks of the Stonetalon Mountains did they have courage to approach them. And now, they have finally broken their silence.

They raced from the hidden shadows of Duskwood, they crawled from the lava filled depth of the Searing Gorge, they marched down from the highest peak of Mount Hyjal. All of them heard the call, all of them set out at once, all of them knew what they must do.

Night elves, humans, dwarves and gnomes, all heading to the one destination, all was to meet at Teldrassil, in an ancient location long forgotten, to modern heroes, adventurers and explorers.

In this secret lair of mysteries, the past of an age old society still hangs in the air. And when the first group of the loyal servants arrived, they breathed heavily, as though they could see what happened long ago by taking in the dense mist.

When the last wave of travellers arrived, all was ready. A tall, battle-hardened night elf stood by the altar in the flickering torch lit fire, his face filled with the horrors seen in a lifetime, he turned to the audience beneath, and spoke.

"It has been a long time my friends, so long in fact, that I see not everyone who fought with us decades ago are still here."

At that comment, some chuckled with hints of sadness, some sighed deeply.

"The call has been made, the time has arrived. Those who journeyed beyond the realms of Azeroth has returned. Finally... " the night elf paused, in a trance, then finished his words "... the Elites have returned."

At these words, five armour clad night elves walked into the chamber, their footsteps resounding through the cave. All carried a staff, although clearly different in design, had some peculiar feature that made them look as if they shouldn't be placed too far apart.

One of the night elves spoke in a heavy voice, looking at the roof of the cave "The prophecy has been found, and we, servants of the glorious Dominion, shall instruct our agents of the last request of the Ancient Elites, with our very last words."

The night elf now lowered his head to address the small army gathered.

"A child is to be born on the night of the fourth moon this month. She, and she alone, possesses the last bloodline of the Great Founder. Search her out... " the night elf hesitated, twitched his face as if frightened to speak the next words "... and reclaim... the Dominion."

Barely a second passed before all five night elves' eyes came alive with flames. Then, in a flash of light mixed with sounds of anguish, disappeared. Leaving the crowd beneath the altar dazed and frightened. But their features did not change, as these veterans of a thousand battles were in no doubt as to what they must do. The prophecy has spoken, and it shall be done."

- Copied from 'Tales of the Elites - Part 1' on the Guild Agents website.


A guild the size and proportion as The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) will inevitably suffer from numerous problems. Some of these problems may be dealt with swiftly while some others may take a longer period of time to fix.

General Weaknesses

Despite the popularity of TDOE amongst players. The guild suffers from a few general weaknesses.

The most prevalent of these weaknesses is TDOE's inability to create or incorporate a dungeon raid branch into the guild. Although TDOE has taken modifications to attempt to bring in instance raiding services to its guild members, the progress is slow and its success is uncertain.

TDOE also occasionally suffers from abuse of power within the guild. The guild's rank system depends almost totally on the guild members' ability not to abuse the power he/she is given. This in effect undermines the effective management and discipline imposed onto its members by the Guild Master and higher officer ranked guild members.

TDOE also sometimes suffer from arguments between the Guild Agents (See The Inner Heresy).

One particularly peculiar problem for TDOE may arise from extremely high membership rates, and sometimes even a good leader may falter (See The Alt Guilds Conundrum).


""Only ever see their members endlessly trolling trade channel." - Darkmoon Faire Player" - Taken from 'Quotes About the Guild' Section

The lack of strict recruitment guidelines is a source of major disapproval towards TDOE. The guild, a 'mixed' guild as it calls itself, meaning both RP and non-RP, does not have even a single rule as regarding recruitment, even those that could limit the guild's recruitment to RP or strictly non-RP. Therefore, guild recruitment is left at guild members' own discretion and this sometimes causes incidents that nurtures disapproval about TDOE.

Due to the loose rules regarding its recruitment. TDOE has been criticised about its recruitment methods. Sometimes TDOE members may be found attempting to recruit in the Trade Channel of a major city. This causes great grievances amongst Darkmoon Faire towards the guild. It is unlikely this source of weakness in TDOE will change significantly unless TDOE creates rigid rules regarding its recruitment methods.


"They go on about Guild Agents and procedures that they have come up with which should affect how the guild is run... What is this?" - Former Guild Member

TDOE members that leave the guild and actively spreads rumours, lies or false information about TDOE regardless of if it is of positive or negative effect to the guild are dubbed by Old Dominion members or Guild Agents as 'Traitors' for ordinary members and 'Heretics' for Guild Agents.

Most comments by these past members reflect disenchantment of the guild and base their comments on one or two particular aspects of the guild that they found unsatisfactory. These comments, although usually very harsh in nature, are welcomed by the Guild Masters of TDOE, as they might contain details of the guild's weaknesses that the guild management did not previously notice. In addition, these comments are usually very detailed in their description of the problem and help aid the guild management in making decisions regarding the problem in question.

The bad comments spread by disenchanted past members tend to sway the opinions of some few players that they know intimately. However, from a larger scale, these bad comments does not pose a great threat to TDOE. Hence, the guild management of TDOE welcomes comments good or bad concerning TDOE. the guild management appreciates bad comments given in private to the guild management, but not in a blatantly obvious fashion that is obviously trying to generate hate towards TDOE. Good or bad comments regarding TDOE is encouraged by the guild management to be silent, as the guild management believes that all players should experience what it is to be in TDOE and only then make their criticisms or comments at their discretion.


"There will be no change to the disciplinary procedures in the guild, no matter how much others hate it... I don't see the goodness of keeping a mixture of vandals and mischievous personalities in the guild. The past popularity of this guild has shown that most players agree with the disciplinary measures that must be taken to ensure a decent playing environment in the guild." - Beatrixstar

TDOE occasionally suffers from the negative effects of harsh disciplinary actions within the guild. Sometimes when a guild member is expelled from the guild that member attempts to spread bad news about TDOE in retaliation for being expelled. Actions such as these are deeply frowned upon by the Guild Masters of TDOE as they offer a false picture of the real situation in TDOE. Also, it is frequent that the negative aspects of the guild are over exaggerated to give a poor picture of the reality of the guild.

TDOE does suffer negative effects from rumours spread by bad individuals, but despite these effects the Guild Masters of TDOE has insisted upon no change to the disciplinary procedures in place in the guild.

Reality Behind Criticisms

TDOE is a guild that has become the centre of many criticisms. Most of these criticisms come from players on Darkmoon Faire who has had a bad experience of TDOE or within TDOE. Sometimes these criticisms may change itself so that it becomes an attack upon TDOE. However, despite the sometimes extremely harsh terms put forward by these criticisms, most of them carry a certain degree of truth within them. Problems or weaknesses that did not come to the attention of the guild management may be revealed through criticisms. If TDOE wishes to become an even better guild than it has already done, it would be wise for the guild management to pay more attention to all criticisms from players within the server.

Guild Website

Throughout the 6 Dominions there has been numerous guild websites for The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE). Each detailing administrative and essential parts of TDOE in general. The websites also offers important news and announcements on upcoming events that guild members should be aware of. However the website lacks traffic sometimes and could go into disrepair. The use of the TDOE website has always been highly recommended by the Guild Masters of TDOE.

The guild website is constantly being updated with guild news and comments. The website will also be updated frequently in accordance with different types of demand as they arise, such as additional raid sections, etc.

The guild website is

Contacting the Guild

To contact the guild, players may contact the Guild Master directly, the name of who may be found on at

Alternatively, players may also visit the guild website and use the recruitment facility found on the website.

It is generally better to contact members of the guild in-game for a better chance at getting into the guild. As the loose guidelines for recruitment means that players may instantly get an invitation into the guild upon asking another guild member.

Quotes About the Guild

This following are quotes from former guild members, guild members, former Guild Agents or Guild Agents of The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE). The following are contributing edits from the types of players mentioned and are shown for the sole purpose of being informative, and should not reflect direct opinions or judgements on TDOE unless it is for the purpose of being informative.

"Loved the guild, loved the people, loved the atmosphere, just loved it!" - Old Dominion Member

"It's a really complicated guild. More than normal people could ever imagine looking at it from the outside. But once you are on the inside, you begin to realise just how old and experienced this guild really is. The endless procedures and policies that it follows. Quite extraordinary." - Guild Agent

"To be really honest I didn't find the higher officers REALLY fantastic. But I loved the Guild Master and the way the guild is run. Also the stories makes the guild just that much more interesting." - Guild Member

"I didn't like the fact the guild had no dungeon raids, it really pulled it down. But I couldn't really leave it because everyone was so nice and the Guild Master was a complete legend! People comes before enjoyment, so I still rate the guild 5/5." - Veteran Guild Member

"One word sums it up: EPIC!" - Former Guild Agent

"The good things about TDOE is its members, its Guild Master, the stories that go with it, and the most important thing, the Guild Chat! The bad things about the guild is, no dungeon raids, too many Supreme Elites and the ages of times it takes to get the Supreme Elite rank. My personal opinion is I think its a very well done guild." - Veteran Old Dominion Member

"Terrible, no dungeon raids!" - Former Guild Member

"Loved the Guild Master. Like the others, I would say she is a legend." - Veteran Old Dominion Master Recruit

"I really liked the big community effect because there are so many members, also as an Old Dominion member I can see it has made lots of changes. Which is good because it shows the guild can change itself if needed." - Guild Member

"95/100 could use a bit more instance raids." - Guild Member

"It's a really good guild. I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to WoW or is looking for a bit of everything in moderation." - Veteran Old Dominion Member

"The Dominion Of Elites is totally fun to be a part of, best time on WoW since I started!!!!" - Guild Member

"TDOE rocks my world! Dominion Pride!" - Veteran Old Dominion Member

"It has the members to do a lot of things, just really needs instance raids. 85/100" - Guild Member

"Good guild. I really liked the friendly atmosphere." - Darkmoon Faire Player

"90/100, fairly good." - Guild Member

"Joining this guild was the best decision I had ever made in WoW!" - Proud Guild Member