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The Dark Syndicate.

Summary Edit

The Dark Syndicate is a Drak'thul Horde Guild co-founded by Anarchos, Braakfuk, Gorgono, Kgrad and Zoftha. Membership is open to any player regardless of level or experience.

Ranks Edit

Members of The Dark Syndicate are initially assigned the rank of Cadet. They can achieve higher ranks by fulfilling pre-defined criteria.

Soldier Edit

A Cadet graduates into a Soldier once they have been an active member of The Dark Syndicate for a minimum of two weeks. Once a Soldier, a member may change their guild note.

Legionnaire Edit

A Soldier may become a Legionnaire upon completion of his or her Legionnaire Trial. A Legionniare has no additional abilities within the guild beyond the increased respect of his or her peers.

Centurion Edit

A Legionnaire may be promoted to the rank of Centurion once they have completed their Centurion Trial. Centurions are granted the ability to enlist new members into The Dark Syndicate. They may not, however, remove any members from the guild.

Captain Edit

A Centurion may ascend to the rank of Captain upon approval by the Triumvirate. The criteria for selecting Captains varies form candidate to candidate. A Captain has the ability to add and remove members of subordinate rank. Furthermore, a Captain may edit the both guild and officer notes of any member.

Executor Edit

An Executor is a Captain who has been honoured by the Triumvirate. The Executor has no special powers beyond out-ranking a Captain.

Triumvir Edit

Only three members of The Dark Syndicate may hold the rank of Triumvir at any given time. Collectively, the three Triumvirs are known as the Triumvirate. A Captain may only ascend to the rank of Triumvir if two conditions are met:

  1. The Triumvirate unanimously decides to remove a Triumvir;
  2. The remaining two Triumvir unanimously decide a Captain is suitable to replace the vacated Triumvir position.

The first Triumvirate was made up of Gorgono, Kgrad and Zoftha. They have all since left the guild. Currently, the syndicate is ruled by Thognagma.

Trials Edit

Legionnaire Edit

To be filled in.

Centurion Edit

A Legionnaire who wishes to undertake the Centaurion trial must exhibit extensive knowledge of their character and combat tactics. The Centaurion trial will take place in an instance appropriate to the player's level, during which the Triumvirate will supervise and evaluate the Legionnaire's performance.

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