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This article is a guild information page for The Dark Side of Tanaris US.

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The Darkside is a casual guild, located on the Tanaris realm.

Alliance 32 The Dark Side
Name The Dark Side
Server Tanaris US
Leader Nyquill
Levels 80
Type PvE
Accounts 85+
Website The Dark Side The Dark Side @ Tanaris

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on the Tanaris realm in September of 2006. Ths Dark Side is a casual guild that aims to clear raid content at a comfortable pace.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

The Dark Side was formed by Edulith during the infancy of Tanaris. It had close ties with the raiding guild Legacy. After the fall of Legacy, many members joined The Dark Side. The members of The Dark Side engage in all types of activities throughout the Outlands and Northrend. The Dark Side is involved in PvP, Raiding, crafting, and general fun times.

The Dark Side is the oldest and longest running Alliance guild on Tanaris. The Dark Side has achieved longevity through its excellent leadership, mature members, and the ability to resolve issues without drama.

Guild Rules Edit

The Dark Side has few rules. Respect everyone and enjoy the game. For raiding The Dark Side does require the latest updates of Deadly Boss Modsand Omen

Officers Edit

Nyquill - GL

Krix - Officer

Asbjorn - Officer

Recruiting Edit

The Dark Side is looking for new members, with tanks and ranged dps being a priority.

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