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The Dark Council Belgian / Dutch guild on Shattered Hand Alliance


The Dark Council actually goes back in time when WoW was released. We were a bunch of people who joined Azeroth Seven Sins and after a while when we had some guildfights we decided to create a new guild named The Dark Council. Most of the members from ASS followed Vegeance (Simoen) in his path. After becoming a true community, Vegeance & some others decided to reroll server. So.. TDC got abandoned and left alone.. everyone took his own way to Victory. Many people got endgame raiding experience but they stayed loyal to each other. Because of this Vegeance Agenda was created and they merged with Belgian Guards of Honor. When Simoen came back to the server many of his old members rejoined, and The Dark Council was reborn. Many new faces, new content, new friends... a newborn community awoke in the dusty mountains of Azeroth.

Now we are facing the new encounters of what The Burning Crusade has to offer. We made very strong bonds and most of us think that the break made us stronger. The new people also feel home now and we aren't afraid of taking in new faces.

So here we stand, united against the might of The Burning Legion and other horrible encounters, ready to smack them into pieces!


  1. Karazhan (13/13 bosses cleared)
        1. Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight:    Defeated
        2. Moroes:                             Defeated
        3. Maiden of Virtue:                   Defeated
        4. Opera Event
              1. Big Bad Wolf:                 Defeated
              2. Romulo & Julianne:            Defeated
              3. Wizard of Oz:                 Defeated
        5. The Curator:                        Defeated
        6. Terestian Illhoof:                  Defeated
        7. Shade of Aran:                      Defeated
        8. Netherspite:                        Defeated         
        9. Chess Event:                        Defeated
       10. Prince Malchezaar:                  Defeated
       11. Nightbane:                          Defeated (05/06/07)

  2. Gruul's Lair (2/2 bosses cleared)
        1. High King Maulgar:                  Defeated
        2. Gruul:                              Defeated (06/08/07)
  3. Serpentshrine Cavern (6/6 bosses cleared)
        1. Hydross the Unstable:               Defeated (24/10/07)
        2. The Lurker Below:                   Defeated (01/10/07)
        3. Leotheras the Blind:                Defeated (25/11/07)
        4. Fathom-Lord Karathress:             Defeated (26/11/07)
        5. Morogrim Tidewalker:                Defeated (12/11/07)
        6. Lady Vashj:                         Defeated (21/01/08)

  4. The Eye (3/4 bosses cleared)
        1. Al'ar:                              Defeated (27/01/08)
        2. Void Reaver:                        Defeated (10/09/07)
        3. High Astromancer Solarian:          Defeated (28/01/08)
        4. Kael'thas Sunstrider:               No attempts yet


We have two kinds of members: Members and Raiders

  Members: They are normal members who can take a raidspot when a spot is open
  Raiders: They have priority over members for raids and they must have a certain amount of attendancy

Currently we are recruiting all classes in wich we think is needed.

Contact info:

  Ingame contact: Simoen, Chantos

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