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Guild progress Edit

About The Daft Edit

The Daft was founded in May 2008 and started with a mixture of casual and determined end-game raiders. We've kept up with new raid content and are progressing daily towards our first Lich King 25 kill. The mixture of new and experienced raiders with a less formal raid attendance requirement ensures everyone has a chance to see new content on the days they can make raids. Our vision is to enjoy the end-game raiding experience without raiders becoming burned out. We focus on keeping everyone positive and eliminating negativity. After all, World of Warcraft is our choice of past-time and why not joyfully immerse in Blizzards amazing Azeroth without being stressed out by a ranting raid leader.

Raid Schedule (server time) Edit

  • Monday 8:30PM - 11:30PM
  • Tuesday 8:30PM - 11:30PM
  • Wednesday 8:30PM - 11:30PM
  • Thursday 8:30PM - 11:30PM

The Daft Ways Edit

A good percentage of Daft raiders used to be in bigger raiding guilds but now have less time to dedicate to WoW. Their expertise on WoW raiding helps the newer raiders enjoy and conquer new raiding content. Our guild chat is casual and can include non-WoW topics, complaining about trade chat, "where's Arg so he can cut me a gem", and Dafters opinions about what achievement raid to do next.

Our Raiding Experience Edit

Even though we are semi-casual, our guilds raiding progression is taken seriously. Ventrilo is a requirement for all raiders. All primary spec gear must be gemmed and enchanted. Buff food and flasks/potions are necessary. Every progression raid combat log is posted and linked from our website. An analysis will occur and raiders not at their full potential will be asked to sit out and improve. As raiders all know, fire = bad. Our belief is that situation awareness is more important to raiding than high DPS numbers since low but alive DPS is better than being dead and contributing zero DPS. Those who go AFK frequently will have the boss redirected onto them. Once ROFLPWNT, further AFK's will lessen raid invites to future Daft raids.

Loot System Edit

EPGP is our loot system. Raiders gain Effort Points (EP) by attending raids and downing bosses or wiping on new ones. They spend these effort points on main spec gear. Winning gear is based on how many effort points you've gained versus how many Gear Points (GP) you've spent. The resulting ratio (EP/GP=PR) of these two factors creates Priority (PR). The higher your priority, the better chance you have of winning loot. Here is The Daft's EPGP table to help you understand the system.

Recruiting Edit

We're always open to raiders willing to progress with our guild. Please submit your application on our website.

Officers Edit

Argustan, Guild Leader
Dradunov, Warrior Class Leader
Northis, Hunter Class Leader
Garanos, Main Tank & Raid Strategist
Aegorde, Officer and knowledgeable in several classes
Kindrah, Recruitment Officer